What to Lookout for When Buying the Right Vinyl Cutter

Vinyl cutters are known for cutting out different designs and writing with precision on your crafts. They can simply take your crafts to the next level. Choosing the right vinyl cutter is one of the earliest decisions an aspiring crafts maker will make to become successful. While the drive motor of the vinyl cutter is the most important thing to consider, you will have to consider several other factors in making the final decision.

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Choose the right drive motors

The drive motor is the engine of the vinyl cutter. It powers the grit roller that moves the blade across the platen. There are two types; The stepper and servo. The stepper motors are known to move in small increments and it is more economical than the Servo but the main problems here are the noise and less precision on smaller graphics. The Servo comes as digital motors that can interpret commands and they don’t have mechanical gears. They are quieter and they offer much better precision even on smaller graphics. You may want to choose the Servo-motor vinyl cutter, even though it costs more but it offers a much better result.

Other features to consider

You must choose a vinyl cutter with an adjustable roller because that feature will help you control the amount of pressure applied to your craft. Optimizing and controlling pressure on your craft will enhance the tracking of thicker craft materials such as the PVC. Keep in mind that adjustable pinch rollers are found in new models of vinyl cutters and they may add up to their final prices.

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You should also consider a vinyl cutter with a media cut-off feature that will allow you to begin each work with a straight and clean edge. This will eventually help you reduce waste and will also help reduce damage to the platen – this issue is often caused by the movement of the blade to the frontend of the plotter. This feature is also found in modern vinyl cutter only.

The warranty coverage for vinyl cutter

Vinyl cutters may occasionally malfunction, and this applies to even the best cutters. This is the reason why you should consider a warranty coverage of at least 6 months. Warranties could come in 6 months to 3years depending on the model and brand. You will find the information on the warranty listed at the bottom of the specification chart that comes with the product. Some vendors sell starter packs of vinyl cutters that will offer an extra year of warranty coverage when you choose a higher level of subscription or you purchase more than one vinyl cutter. The warranty coverage should be your final consideration when buying a vinyl cutter.

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