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    New Mac set up

    This is generally great advice. However, if this is a migration from an Intel Mac to an Apple Silicon Mac, that’s a special case where one more thing must be considered. One of the goals of course is to “ensure it runs to the best performance possible.” If the old Mac is slow because it’s...
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    Classic/Cloud Integration

    “All Synced Photos” isn’t a folder, it’s an automatically maintained collection (virtual list). It lists anything stored in Lightroom Photos in the cloud, which can include photos synced up from any cloud version of Lightroom (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, web browser), as well as any photos...
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    Free online portfolio still available?

    The two options available from Lightroom Classic at no additional cost do two different things: Lightroom Photos sharing lets you create a web photo gallery for a Lightroom Classic collection, when you turn on cloud syncing for that collection. Some collaboration with other users (such as...
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    Want a training course for Lr using an iPad Pro

    Thanks for confirming, that is precisely why I threw in the disclaimer…I thought I had heard that maybe an external storage location could be set on Android.
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    Want a training course for Lr using an iPad Pro

    Yes, that is a huge area for misunderstanding, especially for users coming from Lightroom Classic. Such an explanation should also make clear distinctions between importing from, editing off of, and backing up edited images to external storage: You can use Lightroom to import from or export to...
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    overthinking import choices

    Lightroom Classic offers an instant way to locate any photo, as long as its cataloged folder path is current. Select a photo, and choose either of the following: Photo > Show in Finder will switch to the Mac desktop and open the window for the folder where it’s stored. If you are not sure where...
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    Value of soft proofing in LRC for the purpose of correcting colors for 3rd Party printing (ie Bayphoto in this case)

    There is certainly no point…if your display is already reproducing sRGB. But there is a potential benefit if the display you use reproduces a significantly larger color gamut than sRGB. For example, if you use a wide-gamut display (e.g. reproducing Adobe RGB or Display P3), detail in the most...
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    iPad/Lightroom workflow while traveling thoughts.

    When I tried that a while ago, it worked fine. Others are posting concerns about exporting as DNG, but the last time I tried it, DNG was really the only way to go if you wanted to preserve raw editing capability for Classic without using the cloud. Because in the export options for the...
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    Latest version of Lightroom

    Lightroom Classic 10 is the last version that supports macOS 10.4 Mojave. You can still install Lightroom Classic 10 today, using the Other Versions option in the Creative Cloud desktop app installer. Keep in mind that Adobe supports only the last two major versions of Creative Cloud apps...
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    Catalog question

    And about how they got that way, here’s how it probably happened: Lightroom Originals.lrcat — my guess is this was created in Lightroom Classic 7. Lightroom Originals-2.lrcat — probably automatically renamed when the catalog was converted to Lightroom Classic 8 format. Lightroom...
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    best option to batch auto enhance collection of TIFF images

    It shouldn’t be very confusing. It isn’t a lot of steps (see below). An automatic enhancement pass doesn’t have to use the Develop module. It could work like this: In the Library module in Grid view, if you want to auto-correct all files in the current view, choose Edit > Select All. Choose...
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    best option to batch auto enhance collection of TIFF images

    The auto enhancements available in Lightroom and Photoshop fall into two categories: Algorithmic (the old way), and machine-learning powered (the new way). Photoshop offers the algorithmic method that goes back many years. You can use three commands on the Image menu: Auto Tone, Auto Levels...
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    MBP 14 not reflecting correct storage availability on external Sandisk Extreme SSD

    Well...actually, it might. As a normal procedure when any Mac backup utility (Time Machines, Carbon Copy Cloner…) takes advantage of the Snapshot feature of APFS-formatted volumes, temporary backup snapshots may accumulate on a volume. These are invisible on the desktop, so if they are building...
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    In addition to export what else is now GPU accelerated?

    You might find some info straight from Adobe in the Lightroom Classic GPU FAQ. The first paragraph lists what is GPU accelerated at this time. Adobe seems to be expanding that list a little more often now. And a Caution box further down the page lists important limitations of GPU acceleration.
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    Printing contact sheets that include the IPTC data "Person Shown", "Event" and "Additional Info"

    Doing it in InDesign doesn’t have to be a mail merge. It can just be a template that you throw images into. InDesign supports caption variables based on image metadata, which can be inserted into a text frame as a sort of caption template, and when that frame touches an image, it will display...