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  • It's Lightroom update time again! As well as the usual new cameras, lens profiles and bug fixes, Lightroom Classic has a new local Hue tool, improved ISO-specific defaults, performance improvements and more. The Lightroom cloud ecosystem also gets local Hue, as well as Versions, Activity notifications, text watermarking and the ability to upload your own Discovery tutorials. Here are the full updates about Lightroom Classic and the Lightroom cloud ecosystem.

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    Lightroom and Huion Kamvas 16Pro Graphics Tablet

    The Huion Kamvas is a lot like a Wacom Cintiq: A drawing tablet with a screen, so you can see what you’re drawing on under the stylus. The Huion and XP-Pen brands are becoming popular because they do most of what a Wacom tablet does, but at a much lower price. I also use a Huion tablet with...
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    LrC & Ps porting to ARM and x86 for Big Sur

    Based on past Mac platform transitions, I’d guess that Cletus’s take on it is probably closest to reality. “Just push a button and recompile” works great for Mac-only developers who write simpler applications that stick closely to Apple guidelines and make heavy use of Apple APIs. But Adobe is...
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    Uninterruptible Power Supply

    I have used an APC UPS for many years. Protection during a power outage is actually my minor reason for owning it; we don’t have blackouts often. The major reason is for stable, clean power for all of the electronics. Although drives can be corrupted by a power outage, other devices including...
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    Panorama from Developed Images

    If any of the panorama’s original source raw files have Develop settings that already create the look you want in the merged panorama, another way to do this is to copy/paste or sync the develop settings of that raw file to the merged DNG panorama, then make any remaining tweaks necessary.
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    Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC on same laptop?

    It’s “no problem” only if you have a thorough understanding of how both LR Classic and LR cloud-based work, and the specific consequences of doing that. Because Lightroom Classic stores originals locally, and Lightroom stores originals in the cloud and caches locally, and because they do not...
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    Incorrect output size

    I print to Epson but there are often paper size issues there too. When there are paper size issues, it’s valuable to know which settings are controlled by which software: Lightroom Classic, the Apple printer interface, and the printer driver software (Canon/Epson). For Lightroom Classic, I...
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    Where am I?"

    It does look like the Secondary Display. It can be activated in a number of ways including the shortcut and filmstrip button already noted earlier. But it can also be activated by adding Shift to the single-key shortcuts for various various views. For example, where E switches to Loupe in the...
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    El Capitan vs Mojave

    I would stick with Mojave, I think it's greatly improved over El Capitan. However, performance may depend on how old your Mac is, which is why seeing the System Info report might help us understand what's going on. Being so much newer, Mojave probably has higher system requirements, If it's...
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    Two monitor option options

    Bridge would be a good solution indeed. But the default state of Bridge does not solve the problem, because like Lightroom Classic, the single window can be focused on only a single source (e.g. folder) at a time. The key to the solution is using one thing Bridge can do that Lightroom can’t: In...
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    Workflow with iPad on vacation without internet

    I have been thinking about this problem too, not just for places without Internet access, but for places where the upload bandwidth is so low that GBs of raw files simply won’t finish uploading during the time that I am there. My iPad Pro has only 64GB of storage, so there isn’t enough free...
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    Export Image quality with watermark

    To summarize the thread so far, what we see is: The pixel dimensions are being reduced to a point where small size watermark text can’t look good. The screen shot of the Export dialog says 500 pixels; at that size the watermark text can be only a few pixels tall — it’s gonna look chunky. The...
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    Recommended Graphics Card for LR Classic

    There are reasons why Nvidia GPUs are not available for Macs right now, but they're different reasons than those. There are Mac users who do like to build their own systems; they are the ones who buy the Mac Pro tower models with multiple PCI card slots and drive bays, or people like me who...
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    Print module Max recommended print size base on JPG size

    Print labs suggest print sizes based on pixels and not file size, because file size is not a reliable way to evaluate image quality, especially for a lossy compression format such as JPEG. In addition, late model iPhones might store original iPhone camera photos as HEIC, and export as JPEG...
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    Recommended Graphics Card for LR Classic

    Just to be clear, Windows and Mac users have separate and quite different criteria and constraints with regards to graphics cards: For Windows, Nvidia is a strong choice, and Apple Metal support should not be part of the discussion because Metal is an Apple-only API. For macOS, it's the...
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    Looking for the import dialog box

    Yes, you must be in Lightroom Classic to integrate with LRTimelapse. In Lightroom Classic, the Add button is the last one in the middle group of four import options across the top. If you see a much larger Import dialog box, that’s because it’s been expanded using the button at the bottom left...