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    Epson Advance B&W

    Epson Advanced Black & White Photo mode is not typically covered in books that talk about standard color-managed workflows (such as Jeff Schewe’s excellent books), because it is an odd, proprietary and non-standard, yet effective enough form of printer-managed color. One of the best online...
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    Library module Should I move to an SSD external HD to improve performance?

    The only real con is that you have to remember to have the drive with you if you want to edit photos. Otherwise, there are a lot of pros with moving the photos to the SSD: Frees up the expensive internal storage of recent Macs. Should not slow down work in Lightroom Classic, that SSD is fast...
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    Upgrade Advice needed

    I think that Mac will run Lightroom and Photoshop just fine, and that the real problem is how Adobe describes graphics system requirements. Adobe says minimum 2GB of VRAM, but I suspect that means for discrete graphics hardware. The Mac mini has integrated graphics only, which means it uses...
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    How to remove the ruler when using crop tool?

    That is unusual behavior, for the pointer to show the Straighten tool when the Angle circle is not empty. Normally, the keyboard shortcut to “put away” the Straighten tool is the same as for other tools in Lightroom Classic: Press the Esc key. You can also try pressing the Enter/Return key...
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    How to export both the "before" and "after?"

    Another way: After you export the After (current) version, in the History panel click whatever step you are using as the Before step, change the filename slightly (so it doesn’t just replace the After version), then Export. Now you have exports of both versions. After the export, set the History...
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    Exporting for website

    There are many important nuances to be aware of here. Any website is potentially capable of showing any image full screen, if the website has the option to scale an image of any pixel dimensions to fit the pixel dimensions of any display. But because scaling a small image up to a large display...
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    Image Quality

    There’s a lot more to the file size than the raw and JPEG sizes. Actually, the raw file and JPEG are both extremely compact, achieved through different serious compromises: You can’t view or edit the raw file as is because it’s not RGB, and too much of the original information was removed from...
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    Photoshop Import Option

    I think that's a good question. To me, importing is about adding a file to an open Photoshop document (or catalog in the case of Lightroom Classic). It does seem like this feature is really opening files.
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    Keeping track of print versions

    It's because of the problem you mentioned that yeah, for test prints I do write on the print itself. Because I have picked up two prints and forgotten which is which… :) And writing on it ensures it will never be mistaken for a final print. Cletus’s idea sounds good though, taking advantage of...
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    Photoshop Import Option

    I believe your screen shot is just a portion of what I am showing below. If so, then to answer your question: It’s a convenient way to open any of your synced Lightroom photos directly from inside Photoshop. It’s an alternative to first selecting photos in Lightroom/Lightroom Classic to edit in...
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    Keeping track of print versions

    I use snapshots if the adjustments were not specific to a printer/ink/paper profile. I simply name the snapshot the same as whatever version description I wrote on the print. If I’m making versions that are tied to a specific output profile, then I’ll make a virtual copy (proof copy) based on...
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    Moving to Universal apps on MacOS

    Yes, I think it’s safe to assume that, as with existing iPad OS apps such as Photoshop, if Lightroom Classic came to iOS it would take advantage of the mouse and keyboard shortcut support already present in iOS. But to be a true iOS app, Lightroom Classic would have to be productive even when no...
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    Moving to Universal apps on MacOS

    Very true. Simply porting the Lightroom Classic code to iPad OS would probably be the easy part. Having that pile of code be productive on iPad OS is the real challenge. The UI is a major problem. Some Lightroom Classic controls are so thin or tiny that they are easy to miss even on a Mac or PC...
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    Upgrading my MacBookPro 13"

    No, as of today (26 May 2021) that page says that Lightroom (cloud-based) is Apple Silicon native (it has been for a while), but Lightroom Classic is still an Intel app that runs through Rosetta 2 translation (see picture below). The only public announcement Adobe has made about Apple...
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    New Mac: SSD/external drive

    I use Chronosync. In addition to keeping any two drives in sync, it can also sync any two folders. It’s actually a little crazy because Thunderbolt 1-3 and USB 1-3 were not the same thing at all, but they have been merging the standards so that USB 4 and Thunderbolt 4 are closer than ever...