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    CIELAB color space?

    There are various reasons why you don't see a LAB mode in Lightroom Classic. One is that LAB is not considered a mode that most photographers will need, so it’s missing for the same reasons that CMYK and indexed-color modes are not supported for editing. I am one of those who got into LAB mode...
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    Keyboard and mouse....time to dump the wireless?

    I use a couple different Bluetooth input devices with my computer and Lightroom, and they're fine. But there are problems that exist out there, so it's worth checking to see if they affect you. For example, after USB 3 came out, people discovered interference issues between USB 3 devices and...
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    Anyone Using MacBook Pro 13" or MacBook Air 13" (2019) To Edit?

    If it's going to be used mostly for travel, both models should work. What might sway you one way or the other is: How much editing do you want to do while on the road? If it’s mostly for copying images off cards, using embedded previews, maybe some quick edits for just a few images to export...
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    Managing derived files -- best practices?

    Aha! I was wondering if I was just not seeing it. Thanks Jim!
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    Managing derived files -- best practices?

    Not necessarily a problem. Lightroom Classic maintains a metadata field called Preserved File Name. In the example below, a raw file is exported to a JPEG file using an export file naming template for derivative files. The bottom of the figure shows the same JPEG file after it has been renamed...
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    Lens Correction Manual Defringe sliders

    Below is a link to a good Adobe blog post on the subject. It's from 2012 when those features were first introduced, but it's a thorough explanation with clear visual examples. New Color Fringe Correction Controls What I like about the article is that the engineer who wrote it tells you when a...
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    Soft Proofing - Simulate Paper and Ink

    Simulate Paper and Ink is a tricky setting to understand; the display simulation often looks worse than the actual print even if you've set everything absolutely by the book. That's partly because our perception of the print is influenced by the brightness and color of the light we're viewing it...
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    Soft Proofing - Simulate Paper and Ink

    It's natural and expected that an image would "pop" less after enabling Simulate Paper and Ink. When the image is in Soft Proof mode, all that does is preview the image in the color gamut of the selected profile. Just the colors. When Simulate Paper and Ink is enabled, the simulation now...
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    I recently did the LR upgrade and now this window came up....Don't know which to choose?

    If that dialog box comes up, it probably means the new version of Lightroom Classic was already opened at least once before, when it was allowed to upgrade the previous version's default catalog. When that happened, the upgraded version was named Lightroom Catalog-2.lrcat. You should probably...
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    Library module How to verify which is the "Target Collection"?

    I'm not sure if this is exactly what you mean, but there are Back and Forward buttons in the filmstrip. They take you to the previous or next folder or collection in the pop-up list of Recent Sources to the right of the arrows, where the photo count is. But after the Back or Forward button...
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    Why no option to import a new PS file into Lightroom when saving it in PS

    The way it's supposed to work is as shown below: The Import dialog opens, and the only image that is automatically selected is the one you dragged and dropped on the Lightroom shortcut or its application window. When doing this, it's a good idea to look at the bottom left corner to confirm the...
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    Cmd+' not working

    Just to eliminate some more variables… If you are in a text editor (like this forum) and you press the ' key, do you actually get a ' character, meaning the key itself isn't suffering from one of those MacBook Pro keyboard issues? Following up with what clee01l posted, does it make any...
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    Why no option to import a new PS file into Lightroom when saving it in PS

    It can be slightly simpler than that, since Lightroom supports drag and drop. If the Photoshop document is visible on the desktop, like in a folder window, it can be dragged into Lightroom Classic and the Import dialog will open up with that specific image already selected for import. No need...
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    Hard drive size

    If you keep the catalog on a small internal SSD, keep an eye on the …Previews.lrdata file for that catalog. If you've been browsing many folders or collections, over time the previews file can grow to take up many GB of space. But previews are expendable, so you can delete a huge...
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    Cmd+' not working

    Based on that, let's make sure the right shortcut is being used. Command-` is the macOS window switching shortcut.. That's the grave accent at the top left corner of a US English Mac keyboard. As far as I know it doesn't conflict with any Lightroom Classic keyboard shortcut. In Lightroom Classic...