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    Develop module Lightroom Summit

    Yes - an excellent event with some great tutorials.
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    Raw from Lr to Ps

    Thanks, Johan
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    Mac OS Big Sur 11.3 update

    All fine here. No issues whatsoever.
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    Raw from Lr to Ps

    When a raw file is opened in Ps (not via Lr) it opens in ACR. It is this which may have confused me. When it takes an image via Lr it assumes the raw edits have already been undertaken in Lr and opens the image as a layer.
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    Raw from Lr to Ps

    Not sure what I am missing but at one time I seem to recall that all raw files when transferred from Lr to Ps opened in the ACR filter. This does not now appear to be the case? Not here anyway!
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    Any news on Lr Perpetual crashing on facial recognition?

    I am not aware of any editing software where perpetual means the software will be updated forever.
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    Before and After "\" key

    This is not going away. Just edited a clean raw file. No previous edits whatsoever other than import. Checked import in history and as expected it showed no adjustments whatsoever. Edited image and then did a reset. Back in history, reset shows the image as it was when imported (that is with no...
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    Dare I Ask

    Well the keyboard and Magic Mouse are cheap enough. Any way this is perhaps a debate for elsewhere as it is not Lr related anymore. It is something upon which only you can make the decision.
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    Dare I Ask

    One thing for sure, the M1 iMac will be a whole lot more expensive. Ask yourself if you need to pay more? What will the iMac do for you that the Mac mini will not.
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    Before and After "\" key

    It really is a mystery as "before" is now an image with no adjustments and "import" is an image with some adjustments. I am obviousely missing something but somehow the imported image is picking up adjustments as it comes into Lr. Maybe it is something to do with the raw defaults - I have Lr set...
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    Before and After "\" key

    RIght, it is the original image and as suggested by Jim "imported image" is different to the "reset one". However right clicking on "original" only gives me the options shown in the screen shot. If I right click on the image there is an option to "make reference photo"
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    Before and After "\" key

    I have reset an image, so no adjustments are recorded, yet when I click on the \ in develop there is a difference between before and after. What am I missing? I would have expected them to be the same.
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    lightroom classic and fujifilm files

    Absolutely. I do it all the time. It is my basic workflow and requires nothing different. I have never used X Transformer.
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    Lightroom 10.2 update

    Lr Cloudy combined with Ps does everything I need easily. My problem is that I have to use the Adobe cloud ecosystem and I do not need all this syncing stuff. If I could access my files anywhere (cloud of my choice or desktop) from Cloudy then I would certainly use it.
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    Enhanced Detail

    Sorry, can't help as I am on Mac. I am sure a Windows person will be along soon.