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    new iPhone, new sync?

    I thought the problem here was a bug in Lr, not iCloud or Photos. What exactly is your wife issue, Phil? I find nothing intrinsically wrong with iCloud or Photos, although I do not really favour Photos as there are alternatives I prefer.
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    Metadata - "Label" field.

    Thanks, Conrad. Very helpful.
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    Metadata - "Label" field.

    Typically, what do people use the above metadata field for? I cannot see that you can search on that field although the contents show in a dropdown in the Metadata filter.
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    Enhanced Detail

    Yes - maybe a big none event for us none Fuji guys.
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    Enhanced Detail

    Just tried the new Enhanaced Detail on one of my nef files. Completely underwhelmed and so much so that I am convinced I am missing the point. The preview does not help either as it blows the image up to the point where it is so blurred one cannot see any changes. It will not let me reduce the...
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    Recommended Workflow to/from External Editors

    I just export as a tiff with Lr adjstments, edit with the plugin and then just bring the edits back to Lr and keep in a stack. I do add a keyword to the new image.
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    Thinking of downgrading from Lightroom CC subscription to a Lightroom 6

    Whatever floats your boat - I just hate the DxO PL interface and the entire process feels archaic to me. I have never subscribed to the view that images from the software are in anyway superior. I have seen some great images, yes, but then I have from many other applications. As for cost that...
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    Any DXO PL experts out there?

    Have been playing with DxO for months and cannot get on with it. It is far from intuitive, it is geeky even. I can get better results from Lr and I can also still use Nik as a plugin. So PhotoLab is now on the back-burner and I cannot see me upgrading it again - not unless they do something...
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    Thinking of downgrading from Lightroom CC subscription to a Lightroom 6

    Yes I have DxO too. Tried very hard to like it and it has some good points. But it is a bit geeky in its approach and I find it difficult to get results as good as Lr. I will stay with the plan without doubt.
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    Thinking of downgrading from Lightroom CC subscription to a Lightroom 6

    How much software has backwards compatibility anyway? Lr6 is defunct, it is now legacy software and is not supported, unsurprisingly. Lr Classic is new and improved and has moved on leaving the old stuff behind. That is evolution. As Johan says do not confuse subscription with a cloud based...
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    Apple Warning Notice

    Have also seen that. Took it to mean that the software mentioned is 32 bit and will not therefore work when 32 bit support is finally dropped by Apple. No doubt Adobe have an update hand?
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    Thinking of downgrading from Lightroom CC subscription to a Lightroom 6

    Remember 6 is yesterday's news so no more updates or support, not even if an os update breaks the software.
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    Reorgansing My Files

    :-) Love it. To take a balanced view, I guess if keywords were treated as virtual folders (a bit like Gmail did or does with labels) then it would work well. Being disciplined in the use of keywords is what is so difficult and keeping the keyword list down to an acceptable level is not easy -...