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    Library module keywords

    I think the problem here is “Any Searchable Field” The Word could be in a Title or Caption or location. Change the criteria from “Any Searchable Field” to “Keywords” and you should get the same response as searching through the Keywords List panel Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Library module keywords

    Search for “Madagascar” in the search file of the Keywords list panel. This should show you the “Madagascar” keyword and if it exists in more than one place in a hierarchical Keyword list. Each “Madagascar” keyword will have a number to the right indicating how many images are assigned to that...
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    Export Lightroom CC 2015.8/Mac -> Export to WEBDAV?

    Yes, I wondered about that too. If it is not Apple MacOS security, then it is the WebDAV security that is preventing Lightroom Classic from writing to the destination. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Stop LR syncing with Cloud (and clear out the cloud)

    Lightroom Classic only syncs images in specific Collections marked for for syncing. These images in these collections also end up in the Special Collection called “All Synched Photographs”. Turn Off Synching in the collections where synching to the cloud has been granted. Then remove any...
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    Export Lightroom CC 2015.8/Mac -> Export to WEBDAV?

    From the message, I conclude that you have a permissions problem with Lightroom. Lightroom Classic attempts to open the mounted drive for writing and is told "no". In Mac System Preferences, open the Security and Privacy applet to the "Privacy tab, Under the "Files and Folders" section...
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    What to do if ?

    Lightroom should open the correct catalog or give you an error message. What is the message? Your post says that you are running an obsolete version of Lightroom. The current verision of Lightroom Classic is v10.4. Have you installed the latest version?
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    Moving to a new machine.

    If you are going from an old Mac to a new one, Then the best process is one that Apple recommends Migration Assistant. It is an app in your utility folder. I just used it about a month ago when I got a new M1 iMac. There is a generic “Moving Lightroom to a New Computer that only deals with...
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    No backup on exit

    Lightroom Classic backups offer more than an assurance that your data is always there. With a Classic backup you have an ability to go back in time to recover from mistakes. When you delete an image in Classic, you delete its history from the catalog file. When you delete an image from cloudy...
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    How can I select non-starred files for deletion?

    From the "All Photographs" special collection in the Catalog panel, Select all of the images that have one or more stars using the filter bar. Once selected, use the Menu item {Edit}{Invert Selection} to change the selection to the images without stars.
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    Develop module HDRs and Pano's

    HDRs and Panos Are derivative files They contain new RGB pixels This is no different from doing an export of a single file. The Lightroom Adjustments are “baked” into the HDR/Pano DNG. DNG is simply the file format the Adobe chose to export these derivative files. They could have chosen TIFF or...
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    Should I convert Nikon raw NEFs to DNG on import? And should I convert existing NEFs to DNGs?

    I think it is wrong to say that "DNG protects against bit rot". All the checksum does is make bit rot easier to identify.
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    Import Can't import from iPhone 12 premix into lightroom classic

    How are you trying to "import"? Using the iPhone as removable drive? Using the Photos app, Lightroom App or something else?
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    Copying the photos and catalog from Lightroom 6 to an external hard drive

    It is my understanding that you want to replace the existing external hard drive with a duplicate copy should the need arrive. The master catalog and the images imported in the catalog are all on the EHD. The second drive duplicates the first so should the need arrive, you will simply open...
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    Should I convert Nikon raw NEFs to DNG on import? And should I convert existing NEFs to DNGs?

    You will get answers the fall on both sides of the question. In the for DNG conversion, the pluses are: 1. Built in Checksum So they you can tell if the DNG file has gone bad. 2. A marginally smaller file than the NEF 3. DNG are a public format and all apps should be able to handle the DNG...
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    Option to have LrC read metadata automatically from xmp sidcar or file header?

    Actually, you probably use ACR every day. The Same ACR engine is built into Lightroom and Lightroom Classic. The only difference between them and the standalone ACR is the user interface. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk