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    Will an iPad Pro replace my aging rMBP?

    Originally, I got an iPad (32GB) thinking it could be used to replace my Windows Laptop as a mobile device. I found it less than suitable for my Powerpoint/Keynote Nature and Photography lectures that I was giving regularly at that time. It also failed miserably as an in field repository for...
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    Classic 8.4 GPU Woes ; Is GPU Worth it?

    What I mean by this is that if you upgrade to Win10 you stand a better chance of getting an nVidia driver that is compatible with Lightroom's GPU requirements. It might work out of the box OR nVidia will release an updated driver that fixes the issues that prevents nVidia form working with...
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    Classic 8.4 GPU Woes ; Is GPU Worth it?

    Win 7 may be too obsolete to expect your video card provider to have a driver that is compatible and will support Adobe's GPU requirements. Microsoft support for Windows 7 will be ending on January 14, 2020. Lightroom by merest of coincidences still supported Win7 but not Win 8 up until the...
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    Changing to Classic

    Welcome to the forum. Acceptance is limited to those with the ability to create a login ID and Password. Not a high bar to meet. Classic is still the most feature rich app in the Lightroom Family. Most of us still find that we can't do without it. Classic and Desktop(formerly CC) don't use...
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    Lightroom Classic August 2019 release (version 8.4)

    Technology advances are going to eventually make Win 7 obsolete. Adobe is one of the first to use this technology and this is why you need to upgrade your OS. Win8 is already out of Spec for the recent versions of LR. If upgrading your OS is such a challenge, don't blame Adobe, blame...
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    My workflow - Will 64GB iPad Pro be enough!

    A 64GB iPad needs 64GB to hold All the app files, all of the data files and w workspace (RAM) to process. Large Camera files make this impractical. (My camera card is 128GB)
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    Is there a way to automate clearing out catalog backups?

    This is the default location (its in the local path) You can change this in LR when the Backup dialog pops up on exiting LR.
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    Moving my Lightroom CC catalogue and images cross platform from a Mac Pro external SSD to a PC SSD

    As I stated earlier, When I retired, I switched from a PC (that was required for the work that I did) to a Mac. Most of my computer usage since retiring from the computer profession involves mail, a browser, an occasional letter and Lightroom. I got tired of poking around under the hood...
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    Develop Presets with Lightroom 6.14

    Lightroom Presets work to some degree on all versions. If you have an older version and there are features in the preset for the newer version, Lightroom will simply ignore them. If the Presets specifies a Process version AND your version of LR can use that process version, the Preset effect...
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    Hello all, another newbie, this one from Oxfordshire, England

    Welcome to the forum. My family is traced back to Shropshire. But they have been in Virginia for over 350 years
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    Spell Check entire Catalog

    Mac's spell check only works some places (Like this TextBox) for instance. It does not work in the Metadata Keyword Field, Caption and Title.
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    Multiple/Duplicate Catalogs

    The sizes listed indicate about a 1/4 GB each. Not a significant amount when considering a 3TB fusion drive. Cataloged images have to be included and I notice some .MOV files Videos can be quite large. In LR Preferences look at the name of the catalog that (should) be your master catalog...
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    Moving my Lightroom CC catalogue and images cross platform from a Mac Pro external SSD to a PC SSD

    There are numerous topics here on "Moving your images outside of LR" and "Lightroom lost my images". These give detailed explanations on relinking your images to the catalog after moving . Victoria also has several Blog articles that describe moving to a new computer. It is not as daunting a...
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    Develop module Synchronize multiple cameras

    The US also maintains a time signal to synchronize computers among other things. The smartphone and standalone GPS devices sync to the GPS satellites which intern get their time synchronization from Coordinated Universal Time in Greenwich and Denver. Almost everyone carries a phone with...
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    Confused over Collections and stuff...

    You can create Collection Sets which nest. A Collection Set Can Contain Collections (either type) or other Collection Sets (deeper nesting). You can not add an image to a collection set. The latest enhancement (color Labels of Collections) can extend this further. Collections show up in...