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    Cannot import .avi files - unsupported format or damaged

    First thing you should do is check the "FourCC Code" to see if you have the correct Video Codec installed. Just because it says "avi" on the box, doesn't mean it's "avi" inside, speaking from experience. Downloaded videos are actually notorious for this behavior. I did a quick search and found...
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    Ireland Trip -- Rain cover for camera

    Not to mention that we are currently having a heatwave here, at least in Dubline we are... :cool: . (at least a heatwave by Irish standards) :)
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    Web Gallery

    If you are building a preview and waiting for an update, it might be better to select only 1 file. When you have it looking like you want, then export it to your HD still with only 1 file selected. View it and if you like what you see, then go back in and select all the files and export. I...
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    do/should we reply

    I think that's a rather good suggestion Louie, perhaps you should add it to the suggestion thread here ---> New Forum Software - Bugs & Feature Requests
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    New Forum Software - Bugs & Feature Requests

    Thanks for the Icon, it took a bit of figureing out on my side as well, it seems my popup blocker killed the favicon on a few sites for some reason... Black Theme looking really good, nicely done. One thing still bothering, but I don't know if you can do anything about it. I have a Custom...
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    New Forum Software - Bugs & Feature Requests

    It's just a little nitpick, but the "favicon" for the Forum seems to be missing. Also, I would like to see a dark skin without other colors in it like the current dark skin has. I went and did a little search, and came up with the following 3 skins I found that would do the job. Now I realise...
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    If it isn't broken, don't fix it... forum software

    Well, when I opened the Forum link this morning, I found I had been logged out. When trying to log in, my username and password was not accepted, resulting in a 15 minute delay trying again. After 15 minutes, I tried again, and it still would not accept my login, so I went off and did some...
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    Heating problem

    Hal, I have found that AIDA64 does indeed produce such logging, and keeps a current stats page as well. It's 4:30am here now, so no more testing today. I just ran an older game I had with full quality with no problems with the fans on low, and I'll attach the Temperature logs to this post...
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    Heating problem

    Not sure Hal, I will see if I can find out. I ran a couple of games under "best quality" settings, and what happens is, if I leave the front fans on low, the games crash when the action starts, BUT, if I turn the front fans up to max performance, smooth sailing... Are you aware of any Freeware...
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    Heating problem

    If this is the incorrect Sub Forum, please feel free to move it Mods. My apologies in advance, this post is a bit long. I recently built myself a new computer and as such it works as intended. NOTE: This is NOT a Lightroom problem, Lightroom works just fine, even with the GPU turned on in...
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    Lightroom 6.2 and Photoshop CS6

    Found out why Lightroom is showing me as Camera Raw v9.2 but Photoshop showing v9.1.1... Read Here:
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    Lightroom 6.2 and Photoshop CS6

    The updates still showed me as updated as well. So I poked around Adobe's website yesterday evening, and found the Camera Raw installer for v9.2. Installed it, and LR shows me now as Camera Raw v9.2, however, oddly, Photoshop plug-in info still shows me as Camera Raw v9.1.1.461.
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    LRcc update today= SURPRISE!

    Another case of "Let's 'fix' what's not broken"... :crazy:
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    Running 5.7 -- Help, update says my software is up to date, why?

    If I understand the whole update process correctly, LR5.7 is up to date as it is the final 5.x release. LR6 is a "NEW Program", by that I mean it needs to be purchased again if one wants to use it.
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    Files in Backup Folder, needed or not?

    Thanks for the info Jim, and no, I never put my system to sleep, it's either off or on. However, I have had system freezes on occasion during import, resulting in my having to use the power button to shut off. Then starting import again after a reboot. The penalties of having a slow HD and...