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    Backing up Catalog AND Catalog Previews.Irdata

    I also backup the "App Data" LR files with all my presets etc
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    Is the Develop module falling behind the times? (Capture One)

    Also just started Cap One on a trial basis, after such a long time with LR it fees like a steep learning curve. Also disappointed that my colour flags did not import. Anyway a few days left on the trial so not given up yet!
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    LR showing wrong thumbnails

    My Nikon is set to continuous numbering so I do not think this is the issue.
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    LR showing wrong thumbnails

    Same as Hoggy I bulk rename within folders but never with the same name. Had this issue with all version of 5 and now 6.
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    LR showing wrong thumbnails

    Also have the same issue with windows LR, just got used to it now by clicking on a another image then going back again.
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    Reorganizing keywords

    I use something simular 01 02 etc
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    It's hard to find detailed help and suggestions for Wacom Intuos Pen and Pen & Touch

    Interesting topic as always wondered about buying a tablet solely for use with LR, thanks.
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    Need a 'visually convenient' keywording plugin

    You could also try photo_mechanic which links with LR, mind I could not get on with it, patience ran out
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    Need a 'visually convenient' keywording plugin

    With any tag if you enter a keyword it will list the parents for you to choose from, if there is not one it ask you create one, if you need one of course.
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    Need a 'visually convenient' keywording plugin

    You could try works well for me
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    Shift+number no longer advances in LR6?

    Try auto-advance much quicker and less key strokes
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    Adding White and Black Point adjustment to import Preset

    I also do this and yes it would be a nice to have as a preset
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    LR6 Facial Recognition - Experiences

    "The bad: - VERY often I went to type a name and found I wasn't fully in the entry mode -- each letter I typed then did something (i.e. shortcuts). Can make a real mess that way, very fast. They REALLY need a more firm way to lock you into text entry when doing People things. I also think...
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    Lightroom 6 (Perpetual) Issues after Install – For Windows Users

    Exactly the same issue, considering returning 5.7! EDIT : Since my rant a moment ago I have turned off the 'use graphics processor' and it appears to have cured the problem, hopefully.
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    need fast browser like onone perfect browse

    The time I see an issue with LR is when using 2nd monitor, then I have to wait until the picture renders, mind the first is instant.