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    Duplicate Finders

    Why not try them, at least one of them is free
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    Your onboard video card will support the monitor.
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    Website Closure is cancelled! We're staying open!

    I too am sorry to see this forum go. However thanks to Victoria and others for the help received and all the work that has gone into this. I may or may not see you at the adobe forum but I am subscribed to the newsletters. one of the joys of a forum that is not too large is that you read the odd...
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    Lost my RAW edits - Help

    Maybe this is usefull: Only seen the description not tried the website.
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    Attacking a particular enhancement

    Sorry I dont see it.
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    Transfer to new computer - loss of some photos

    I should have mentioned this link as well How do I move Lightroom to a new computer? | The Lightroom Queen
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    Transfer to new computer - loss of some photos

    is the old computer still there ? The LR catalog will not contain the files, only the metadata and the edits, it contains pointers to the files. If the old computer is still running, you can see where the files are stored by right click on the photo and choose 'go to folder in explorer'. If LR...
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    Please set me straight!

    He said 6.14. I have the same version and never have to log in again. I guess somehow LR thinks the login is incomplete. I guess a phone call to adobe is in order
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    Develop module Thumbnails disappear after Merge > HDR operation

    is there a filter of some sort applied, or a sort order ? what do you see if you go to the folder in LR ?
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    Hello...Getting back In

    you can still get version 6.0 as a perpetual licence, which is upgradable up to 6.14. Then it stops. the new versions (Classic CC aka LR 7) and the new Lightroom CC are only available as a subscription.
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    DXO OpticsPro

    I still rather know and decide for myself where I put my files, I've watched my wife being very frustrated trying to understand where her mac put her files.thats why i also dont like the microsoft store Anyway, if you view the plugin manager, the path were each plugin is installed, is shown in...
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    Photos on NAS?

    Yes. LR as a program and the catalog are not allowed to be on a network disk but the photos can be on a NAS Edit Sorry about the repeat post but had not seen Johan's post.
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    Very confused with various folder issues...

    Another possibility if using windows is that windows decided to assign a different character to the drive.
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    LR6 - cannot update to 6.14 - won't recognise CR2 from Canon M5

    Use the direct download patch to update from any 6.x version to 6.14. They are at the bottom of this page. What's New in Lightroom 6.14? | The Lightroom Queen
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    Graphic card causing LR to crash

    is it not enough to disable the card in the lightroom preferences? I think when you later enable it, it forces windows to get an updated driver. You could do that manually by going to device manager, select 'video or graphic adapters' (PS, not sure about the exact name, my windows version is in...