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    Viewing images from back up drive - edits are missing

    1) do you move the images to the "permanent backup" location using the folders panel in Lrc? 2) When you went to look at one of those images, was it still in the LrC catalog or did you reimport it? 3) The version of LrC you originally used to edit the images should not be an issue as long...
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    Lightroom Classic backup files ( in readiness for clean installation of OS on Mac

    With LrC closed, you may want to copy the entire folder that contains the ".lrcat" file to the LR2 drive rather than using the backup generated by LrC upon exit. If you copy the entire folder you'll retain all the preview folders, sync data etc. rather than just the 2 files the Lrc includes...
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    Develop module 'Ghost' After Using Erase/ Clone/ Heal Tool

    Here's a link to a blog I wrote on this subject....
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    Missing photos

    the Upgrade catalog process probably upgraded an older catalog rather than your latest one. In File Manager navigate to your latest catalog that doesn't say "-v12" on the end of the file name. Catalog files have an extension of ".lrcat". Once found, double click on it to open that catalog...
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    masking panel disappeared in develop module

    You don't give us a whole lot of info, so we'll have to start at the basics. 1) Do you have the masking tool selected on the tool bar just under the Histogram? 2) If yes, then did you look all around? For example, it may now be docked in the right panel below the histogram. It may be...
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    LR Mobile and LR Classic - photos are reverting back to original file and not holding edits

    In your screen shots of the woman taking a selfie, I don't see any LR Mobile entries in the history panel. This would lead me to belive that it is not related to cloud sync (of course I could be wrong - again). I'm not sure if you did this already, but you may want to turn off cloud sync...
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    JPEG export lost GPS data

    If the GPS location is inside one of your "Saved Locations" in map module, there is a check box associated with the saved location to delete location info on export
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    LR Mobile and LR Classic - photos are reverting back to original file and not holding edits

    Very odd indeed. Use Windows file manager to see if there is an xmp file for these problematic images. If there is, rename it or delete it and see if that helps. If not, as a last resort, you may want to Reset Preferences.
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    LR Mobile and LR Classic - photos are reverting back to original file and not holding edits

    It sure sounds like you reverted all your images at some point - probably inadvertantly. Do you see a "revert" step in the history panel at all for any of these images? Maybe send us a screen shot of the history panel for one of them. Also, please send screen shot of lower right corner of...
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    The Time has Come My Friends....

    My 4TB spinning drive for photos (and a clone for backup) is over 80% full (catalog and RAW files). So, let me know if a good 6TB ot 8TB portable SSD hits the market at a reasonable price.
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    Is there a LrC Plugin to Google Photos or Google Images?

    Used to be a plug in but I don't think there are any that work anymore. As I recall, Google bought Picasa and merged the photos from both into one database. At that time there were some Picasa LR Publish Service plugin's that worked and if you used them the images would show up in Google...
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    Using LRC but want certain images available on other computers, iPhone, etc

    See link Paul provided but short answer is that ONLY collections marked to Sync (or images placed in the the "All Synced Photgraphs" special colleciton) will send images from LR/Classic to LR/Cloud (it sends smart previews). However, ANY photo that enteres the LR/Cloud eco system will be copied...
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    Library module How to check aspect ratio of pano

    :) We do get some weird quesitons posted seriously so sometimes hard to tell if poster has tongue firmly in cheek or not? Thanks for clarifying. :)
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    Library module How to check aspect ratio of pano

    Oops got my tera's and giga's mixed up. as well as my billions/trillions Should have said 18,7gb (not Tb) and 18.7 billion rather than trillion. Still though....