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Recent content by Califdan

  1. Califdan

    Keywording Help

    Add another rule to the smart collection smart collection "keyword contains "WF-KeepInKWCollection" (I start all such KW's with "WF" for "Work Flow). This rule should be in an "any" relationship with the set of rule(s) already in the smart collection. In other words, the image shows up in...
  2. Califdan

    Which LR should I be using? Why can't I rename my photos even tho they are in LR catalog? Need to update Catalog?

    Good that your research on Lynda.com has shown you the difference between Lightroom Classic and Lightroom (which we call Lightroom Cloudy to minimize confusion). The "storage" that you keep running out of is Adobe Cloud storage and from what you've said, I'd be is filled with the images you...
  3. Califdan

    Multiple brush adjustments makes lightroom unusable, have tried everything.

    While following Clee's suggestions, you may want to turn off "automatically write XMP data to files" if you have it turned on. This is probably not related to your problem but eliminating the need for LR to re-write the XMP data each time you move a slider will at least eliminate that overhead.
  4. Califdan

    Down load to another hard dive

    What is it that you are trying to move from one drive to another? The LR Catalog? Your image files? Or, both?
  5. Califdan

    Map with photo info

    Assuming your image has GPS coordinates, 1) Select just that one image 2) clear Quick collection (ctrl+shift+b) 3) Add selected image to quick collection (b) 4) Switch to quick collection (ctrl+b) (only the one image is showing in grid and filmstrip) 5) Go to Map Module 6) Click on...
  6. Califdan

    Library module LR 9 - Lost Keywords

    I was going to suggest assuring that the Keyword List filter (under the Keyword List panel header line) is indeed null (not just a space)
  7. Califdan

    Library filter question

    Collapsed stacks designed to be "hidden" from all filters when the source is a folder. If you expand those stacks they are now visible to the filters. There are requests to provide a way to change that behavior but those requests have been ignore now for many years. However there is a bit of...
  8. Califdan

    Lightroom crashing while exporting

    Catalina and LR9 do not play well together. Folks are impatiently waiting for Adobe and Apple to figure out the (many) issues and get both their products fixed. In the mean time, some people have had success falling back to LR 8.4.1 on Catalina and other have had success falling back to...
  9. Califdan

    Cannot import, please help..

    The error message is just informational. It means that the folder previously selected as the destination for the imported files does not exist anymore. This is most likely due to an upgrade (of your Mac) that changed the file path to that folder but could be caused by other things. Did you...
  10. Califdan

    Help needed

    DO NOT RE-IMPORT ANY MORE OF THE PHOTOS INVOLVED IN THIS ISSUE UNLESS WE TELL YOU TOO - You'll only make things more complicated. Before we can give you an answer we need to know how you transferred the images from your internal drive to the external drive (Using Finder or using LR Classic)...
  11. Califdan

    Radial Filter

    Also note that once you turn off the overlay as Johan suggested, if you rest the cursor on the black dot (Adobe calls it the "pin") representing the Radial Filter in the image, the pink overlay will come back temporarily but will then go away when the mouse leaves the dot.
  12. Califdan

    Lightroom "always on top"

    I'm ok with it grabbing focus once but it seems to re-grab it 4 or 5 times during the start up process. No other Windows applications that I have ever used do that. They grab focus once - usually when the splash screen displays - then that's it. If you switch to another app after the splash...
  13. Califdan

    Lightroom "always on top"

    longstanding complaint
  14. Califdan

    Issue with spot removal tool

    Also check your "Heal" vs "Clone" setting. they work differently and many times switching helps.
  15. Califdan

    Help!...2 LR versions

    If she has not done further updates, imports, etc. in the LR9 catalog (MASTER 2-2), then just delete that catalog (or better move it someplace else, just in case), then launch LR9 and have it re-convert MASTER 2 which will build a new MASTER 2-2 based on the current state of the LR6 "MASTER 2"...