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  1. Califdan

    LrC version 9.3 missing folders

    To restate problem: 1) After problematic upgrade to 9.3, in LrC folders panel, 3 folders are missing. By missing do you mean physically not listed or listed with a "?". 2) You can see the folders and the images in those folders using Windows File manager and some other image viewer. 3)...
  2. Califdan

    Scanning old photos Lightroom + questions

    That is Correct. Very misleading name for that option.
  3. Califdan

    Print module Strategy for Back-Printing Caption Information

    Here's something that just tested and seems to work. There are several steps but it may be easier 1) In LR print module, print the images with no text as normal 2) In LR print module, turn on Print Info as desired but this time print to JPG files in a folder 3) Now go to M/S PowerPoint and...
  4. Califdan

    RAW files deleted after export

    Well, I can't see anything odd about what you did. The sudden quite issue is oddly coincidental, but that too should not affect the physical files on disk. It would be more prone to affecting the catalog. The only thing that I can think of, which I admit is pretty far fetched, is that you...
  5. Califdan

    Scanning old photos Lightroom + questions

    Per point 3. The change capture date tool in LR/Classic is misleading. When it says "Change them to a specific date/time" what they mean is that the first photo in the selection is changed to the specified date/time. All the others are changed to the same offset from the first photo as...
  6. Califdan

    RAW files deleted after export

    One more piece of info, when you originally imported the ARW and JPG's did you teart them as one image (LR Default) or treat them as separate images?
  7. Califdan

    RAW files deleted after export

    Trying to make sense of what you experienced and it's not adding up to anything that should be possible. But, something obviously did happen, we just need to figure out what. Before re-importing anything, can you tell us what is showing in LR. Does LR still know about the images at all? In...
  8. Califdan

    Radial filter

    Yes there is. On the tool bar at the bottom of the screen while in the radial (or graduated) tool there is an item called "Show Edit Pins" with a pull down menu. If you don't see the tool bar click the letter "t" on the keyboard. Set it to Never or set it to Auto and just move your mouse...
  9. Califdan

    Importing Batch Scanned Photos into Lightroom

    import the full page. lets say it has 6 images on it. Create 6 VC's (Virtual copies) (or 5 if you don't mind editing the original) Crop/straighten each VC to contain only one of the photos
  10. Califdan

    Sort order on renamed files not as expected

    I suspect that you are a victim of new and improved technology. I'm not talking about LR specifically, but computer science in general. In the olden days a sort was a sort - period. Every "character" (meaning a letter, a number, or a special symbol (including a space or blank) had...
  11. Califdan

    Naming cameras for LR import

    I shoot with two Canon Cameras so whenever I import I rename the files using a metadata preset that does a file rename. You could create two such presets. One would append your initials to the front of the cameras' file name and the other would append her initials. Then on import just pick...
  12. Califdan

    Merging Mess!

    I'm sure others will provide answers as well, but if your problem is that you have the same image multiple times in either the same or other folders. One thing you could do is to select all your images in the LR Catalog, and then "Export as Catalog". In the dialog box uncheck "Export selected...
  13. Califdan

    Library module What do you put in the IPTC State/Province field for the UK?

    do whatever makes sense to you. One way to think about it is that the UK is like the USA. In one case made up of named regions such as Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland, England and in the other case states. However, in the case of Ireland, and perhaps other regions, the county is a significant...
  14. Califdan

    File Import Order Incorrect

    There is no such thing as "import order". When you import, images are brought in in whatever order the OS presented them to LR using multiple parallel internal processes. So a small file may show up before larger file even thought the small file was down stream from the larger one...
  15. Califdan

    Export Can I delete my Images Edited in Lightroom Classic?

    I don't know if there are any duplicate detection tools in LR/Cloudy so won't comment on that part of your last post. However, I will comment on the other part. However if you've followed the advice in this thread, and you no longer want some of the images in the Cloud since they are known to...