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    LrC Consulting and Tutoring

    Steve, Thanks for the kind words. Glad I was able to get you back on track after your less than fortunate experience with Adobe Tech Support.
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    LR Classic and Cloud

    There is no need to create a new catalog if the purpose of the new catalog is to house images that you don't want uploaded to the cloud. The ONLY images that are uploaded to the cloud by Lightroom Classic are those you specifically tell LrC to do so by adding them to the "All synced Photos"...
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    LR Classic on two computers

    make sure you only are using cloud sync from LrC one of the computers if you use different catalogs on each computer or things get quite messy.
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    Library module Promoting Virtual copies

    What metadata specifically are you worried about? Camera data should be the same for all copies of the image including VC's as should capture date/time (unless we're talking about scanned images). Other metadata like title, caption, keywords, country, state/province, city etc. can be...
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    looking for suggestions/warnings on 16TB USB 3.0 drives

    Hi, I'm looking to replace a 8TB Seagate USB External Drive with a new 16TB device. This drive will be used as my backup drive to backup my internal C drive, External P (Photos and Lrc catalog) drive, External S (Music) drive, and will also house the Windows File History files and periodic...
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    Current folder visible in Develop Module?

    If you have a robust set of collections which to a large degree mimic your folder structure - as many ofmy clients to - it is not unreasonable to think what you're seeing in the left panel group of the Develop module as being folders when in fact you are looking at the Collection panel.
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    How to show samples of art photos to prospective buyers

    Some services such as Fine Art America shows the customer a low res full image but then allows the customer to "zoom in" on a small section of the image to see that small portion a full uploaded resolution to check focus and detail.
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    Library module Merging LR catalogues and eliminating duplicate images. Question aout virtual copies

    What you describe is not really possible. You cannot have a VC in a catalog unless the original image it was created from is also in the same catalog (and in the same folder). So your statement that the Regular copy (I assume you mean import from actual image) is from catalog A and the VC is...
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    I'm not going to debate ease of use issues as what is convenient for one person is cumbersome for another - it is a design choice by the developers and it is what it is and it's not likely to change.
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    Yes you can. Once you have created the "Proof" VC, it can be viewed the same as any other image in LR inclding in the Loupe view of the Library module and in the Develop module. It can also be further adjusted in the Develop Module and you can provide metadata values that only apply to the VC
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    After selecting the printer, ink, paper, profile, Etc. in the print module, if you then create click the button to create a proof copy in the Develop Module it s actually creates a special form of a VC which is used to house the proofing changes you make to the image. If you later want to see...
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    Metadata Nightmares

    My observation is that somewhere in the 9.x sequence of updates this problem went off the deep end. Up till then, I could keep "automatically write XMP to disk files" on and LrC would pretty much take care of it. Albeit sometimes without warning there'd be several thousand images needed to...
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    Copyright info from camera is appearing differently from camera settings.

    after you take a photo, copy the photo to a folder on your hard drive (not using LrC). Then use Canon's DPP software to look at the metadata in the image. If it's the 2021 version then the camera is doing the correct thing. If it's the 2020 info then the problem is in the camera. Once you...
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    Excire plugin prevents LrC from opening

    I believe so. I don't have a Mac so am speculating here from memory (I also am remote so don't have access to LrC at the moment either). Using Finder, search for the plugin on your computer It will be a folder with the plugin name and an extension of "lrplugin". Then delete that folder (move...
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    Syncing a "small" number of images between Lightroom Classic on two different computers

    just an add on note here. You say you want to edit, among other things, metadata on the laptop but don't specify what metadata. As discussed, letting LR sync images between LR/Classic and LR/Cloudy will sync your image look changes (Develop Module in Classic, Edit panel in Cloudy) and will...