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    Before and After "\" key

    Any chance the image had XMP data (either as a sidecar file or embedded in the image file) when it was imported? This could account for a discrepancy between thmported "imported" state which would include the XMP changes and the "reset" state which would not. Just a theory.
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    A LR Classics folder sort issue

    Is it just one image at the top of the grid that is at the wrong end of list or are others showing at the wrong end as well? Or, is the entire list displaying backwords compared to the Z-A setting? I've had issues where I've used non LrC programs to change metadata fields (particularly date)...
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    Import rename problem?

    You SHOULD rename if there is a valid reason to do so. You SHOULD NOT if there is no valid reason. A blanket "always/never" argument without discussing reasons for doing/not doing renames is fruitless. So, in the case of this thread, ask yourself what value having a sequence number on the...
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    PROBLEM: Metadata file needs to be updated flags appears on all photos after import from another catalog

    Just for info, not fixed in 10.2 even though release notes suggested that it was and regardless of whehter or not the images were imported from another catalog or not. "Save Metadata to disk" only clears "metadata status" for a bout half of the images that are showing the icon in the grid (in...
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    LRC window doesn't open to full screen when starting.

    I haven't done any controlled testing but this may (or may not) be involved. It seems that when I launch LrC (10.0) using an LrC desktop Icon (Windows/10), if I just let LrC launch it opens to the same size it was when I last used it. However, as I have my catalog on an external portable hard...
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    New Laptop coming at $2300 expense due to programming issue with LR

    I assume you're not using any performance enhancers such as CPU clock speed boosters and the like. 100% capacity just means that the CPU's have no idle time waiting for disk I/O or user input. CPU's run at a determined clock speed while they have something to do, but in most cases they...
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    Bulk Rename and Update Catalog (Mac)

    Of course all of this discussion is related to the philsophical question of date order where as I understand the original quesiton was not "should" I change the date format of folders but "how" to change the date format of the folders. So, getting back to that question, as far as I know there...
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    Increment date tool?

    Thanks John. Hadn't noticed the "increment time" check box when I first looked at it. Just what I was looking for
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    Increment date tool?

    Hi, Looking for a plug in to adjust/change Image dates (the date seen in View Options, Filters, Smart Collections and sort options. What I need is to select a set of images then with the plug in specify a "start date/time" and an increment. The plugin then should process the selected images...
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    File could not be moved to the selected destination

    I'm not a Mac person, but it sounds like a permissions thing. As you are trying to move the images to "another folder" (which I presume is not the trash) getting an error message saying there's a problem moving an image to trash implies that the selected destination folder already has a file...
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    Large previews folder

    Have a good reason for generating 1:1 previews in the first place. Most people who do force them to be generated have no reason to do so other than a "bigger is better" general philosophy of life. If you can't answer the question "Why are you creating 1:1 previews and how often do you rely on...
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    File could not be moved to the selected destination

    1) Are the files marked as "missing" in LrC? (and "!" in the upper left corner of the preview in grid view) 2) when you select on or more of these files in LrC and hit the backspace or delete key you say it won't let you. Are there any pop up windows or error messages? If so please take...
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    How to track back from a tiff to a copy of the dng?

    It is important to remember that the "File Name" of a VC is the actual file name of the parent physical image and if you change the file name on a VC you are actually changing the file name of the original image in LR, the file name of the image file on disk and the file name on all VC's...
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    How to track back from a tiff to a copy of the dng?

    This is a common problem with no good after the fact remedy. For others listening, everything starts with the original file. From this original file one may edit it in LrC, create a VC (Virtual Copy) either before or after the LR edits, or may make a physical derivative which gets added back...
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    Grayed out triangle on Folders

    One point of clarification. The triangle is not grayed out, it is speckled. So, applying the generic computer meaning of grayed out things is incorrect. The meaning of a "speckled" icon is not universal. Adobe has defined it in this instance as "folder has no subfolders known to Lightroom".