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    print colours matt paper

    If I were using Soft Proofing in any application, I would first make sure that I had the correct profile for the paper I was using. Do you have the correct profile for each paper that you are using? You would need a profile created specifically for the bluebells paper that you are using as well...
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    I'm back

    Stay positive Selwin, and best wishes. Gute Besserung
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    LR 5.6 is awful

    I have downloaded and installed 5.6 and do not notice any reduction in speed at all. It seems just as responsive as 5.5 was. I am not as proficient with computer related problems as others here, but I am sure that others will be able to help you track down the problem and get you back up to...
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    Bad Adobe - Sneeking in user data gathering with latest CC update

    Of course you do not have to accept that any software company is only collecting information about the software simply because they say so. You can ask questions if you have reason to believe that the software has access to sensitive information or information that you wish to keep private...
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    Getting RAW files sharp

    Great advice given so far. If you want to really understand, and take control of, raw image sharpening, I recommend reading either The Digital Negative by Jeff Schewe, or Real World Image Sharpening with Adobe Photoshop, Camera Raw, and Lightroom by Bruce Fraser and Jeff Schewe. I have both of...
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    Bad Adobe - Sneeking in user data gathering with latest CC update

    First of all, no insult was intended at all in my question. I apologize if it insulted you or anyone else. I said I was curious as to the reasons one would NOT want Adobe monitoring Lightroom use. You gave a few that are acceptable/reasonable to me. Before moving to Germany in January 2010...
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    Bad Adobe - Sneeking in user data gathering with latest CC update

    I did not say that I agreed with Adobe's action. I do not agree with it, it is disrespectful at the least to begin to collect data on a person without notification. I am curious as to why someone would not want to share photography software usage information to a company that produced the...
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    Bad Adobe - Sneeking in user data gathering with latest CC update

    Why would a person NOT want to share usage information from Adobe CC with Adobe? What type of usage of CC could a person want to keep secret? What electronic information is truly safe, secure, and/or secret these days? I think this type of thing (data sharing) is a reality of the information...
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    Anyone using DXO in combo with LR? New DXO version out.

    Yes, it only recognizes original raw files. LR made DNGs are not considered to be an original raw file. If you have a camera that produces a dng file, DXO will open it.
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    Anyone using DXO in combo with LR? New DXO version out.

    This is true for High ISO noise reduction. But, Long Exposure Noise Reduction does affect the raw file.
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    Bad lab prints.

    I suggest that you try another Lab. If this Lab is requiring sRGB, then there is a good chance that they are not following proper color management protocol. And, if this is true, there are probably other inconsistencies in their workflow. Most good pro labs are going to make custom icc...
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    LR and DXO OPTICS Pro - added value?

    Substantial? That depends on your definition of substantial. Some people love DXO 9 and others not so much. I have DXO 9 Pro and Lightroom 5.4. DXO has some nice film emulations and a really good high iso noise reduction in the PRIME noise reduction. The lens corrections are also good. I...
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    Imported 7D Videos Suffer from Random Pixellated Distortion--Help!

    I always recommend that people buy a high quality card reader. A Lexar Professional card reader can be had for less than 30€. Buying a cheap card reader is simply asking for trouble in my opinion. Buy a name brand, high quality one and you may never have to buy another.
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    Anyone using DXO in combo with LR? New DXO version out.

    I just thought about something, I know this is very dangerous for me and those around me, DXO may have just reinvented DXO 9 to be a great Lightroom Plugin. That is how I can see myself using it in the future. The lens corrections are great and very high iso noise reduction is great. The film...
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    Lightroom: Noise on exported photo :(

    Have you tried viewing you image in another program instead of Windows Photo Viewer? If you do a Google search for Windows Photo Viewer bad image quality, you will find a lot of complaints about this. I have never used Photo Viewer until reading this thread. I can see a definite decrease in...