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    Corrupt CR2 files after importing from Compact Flash to HDD using Lightroom

    Honestly, I don't know. We've seen these cases reported numerous times over the years this forum has been in operation, and the problem: 1) isn't resolved to the user's satisfaction, or 2) turns out to be related to some piece of the hardware chain. If I'm reading right, you have not tried...
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    Corrupt CR2 files after importing from Compact Flash to HDD using Lightroom

    Well, if they're CR2 raw files, you can rule out Lightroom as the cause. PERIOD. With one tiny exception, which is not pertinent here, Lightroom *NEVER* writes to a raw file type. Hence any corruption has to derive from some other operation. Even when the file is copied from the flash card...
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    Publish with an Intelligent Design

    Well, unfortunately my advice here would be to "Ask Cletus, he's always working on stuff like that." If John Beardsworth doesn't have any ideas either, I don't know what to tell you...
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    New notebook/ultrabook for remote area travel

    Welcome to the forums, Chippy, thanks for the info.
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    Blue hues look different in Library and Develop modules

    1) We're not Adobe. 2) 3) The relationship between the...
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    Metadata Presets

    ...and she asks that, not to be contrary, but because that's the first thing the developers ask, "What's the use case?"
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    Keyword Ordering

    In general, you would simply drag the child keyword 'Houston' to the parent level 'Texas' in the keyword list. Haven't done this in a while, but it used to be *very* finicky with positioning the cursor exactly right to drop at the higher level. The cursor will change visible state when you're in...
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    Exporting Pictures- Web & Print

    What do you mean by distorted faces? Can you post a sample here, or a link to one of the problem images? For how to take a screenshot, and/or post a sample image, read the first two posts here:
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    LR5 catalog conflicts...

    edit: ooops, 3 minutes behind the times. I said basically the same things as Mark, with a substantial infusion of hot air. :) 1) There are several 'file open' options lurking in the Lr preferences. The most insidious of which is 'Open Last Used' (or similar verbiage, I don't have it in front...
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    Jpeg resets

    Look at the lower right in Develop, and see if Auto-sync is turned on. If so, flip the switch to disable it. This is a moot point if you only have one image selected in the filmstrip as you make adjustments. So if that's not the problem, you'll have to tell us more.
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    Windows 7 is trying to open .NEF files with Acrobat

    Taking what Denis very correctly said, and adding a little more background, if you're interested: ... you appear to be attempting to 'Associate' an image file type with Lr as the Windows 'Open With' application, two things: 1) Lr is designed and intended to be 'associated' with files of the...
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    Jpeg resets

    What? Can you explain the process a bit more thoroughly? Maybe I'm dense here, but nothing you said makes any sense to *me* at all. (No offense, I'm just not understanding the specific problem.) Shots need exposure tweak. So did you apply that, if so, how? Develop kept previous settings. I...
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    Problem Seeing Photos on Desktop

    ...or if you're *absolutely positive* it's already in the Catalog (and the associated folder Allen 2002-2006) then, just hit Delete and 'Remove' it (and each of the remaining 106) from the Catalog. Remove will only remove that particular instance of the photo from the catalog. It won't delete...
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    Lightroom 4.4 is available

    ...Geoff is correct about Lightroom itself not needing the ACR update, but as you remember correctly, mismatches between Lr and PS/ACR versions can cause 'Edit In...' problems.
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    Is this my 'sync' not working or am I missing something?

    Library or Develop? Grid or Filmstrip? Have you in fact selected multiple images to Sync to? Do you understand the 3 levels of 'Selectedness' in Lightroom, i.e. Unselected, Selected and Most Selected? Sync will transfer the chosen settings from the *single* Most Selected to all Selected (one...