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    Blurb: Your Thoughts?

    I've used Blurb once, with good results. As others have said, look for discounts from Blurb, if you can wait.
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    adding text to photos in Print Module

    Also, Red River has photoshop templates that assist in making greeting cards with text. The templates are free for download, should you wish to check them out.
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    Recommendation for best monitor for photo editing

    FWIW: Dustin Abbott recently reviewed the BenQ SW271 monitor. The review is on youtube at:
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    using a tablet for editing

    Thanks. I put them on my "to buy" list.
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    using a tablet for editing

    Grits: What mouse are you using?
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    Forum software upgrade

    FWIW, I am truly enjoying the new webpage format. Thanks Victoria! PS: Didn't know about the different themes. Very cool.
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    Hidden gems in Lightroom - share your

    Develop module, hover over "Whites" or "Blacks", and double click for auto.
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    Book module: Publishing to Blurb... layflat conversion?

    After going through their help sections, which are not all that helpful, the answer is yes you can, but with some difficulty and restrictions. I haven't tried this, but it appears you can convert your project (once loaded on their website) from 'bound' to 'lay flat' with a max page limit of 110...
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    Book module: Publishing to Blurb... layflat conversion?

    Operating System:Win7-64 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):5.7 I recognize that the Book Module in LR5.7 does not offer to print a lay-flat book using Blurb. My question is there a way after uploading to Blurb to convert your book to a lay flat format without having to...
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    Not staying logged in

    Thanks Victoria. FWIW, this isn't a big deal, just annoying. As suggested, I selected all cookies from the lightroom queen webpages, there were about 10 or so, and deleted them. I then went back to the forum via my link to Recent Posts. I was asked to log in, which I did manually putting in both...
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    Not staying logged in

    One day later: Nope, did not work.
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    Not staying logged in

    FWIW, I too have to log in each time. I'm using Firefox in Win7-64. I will manually delete and enter my password to see if that circumvents any browser password manager problems. 1hr later: Yes, manually deleting, retyping and saving my password appears to have corrected the problem.
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    Making global change to title in metadata?

    Operating System:Win7-64 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):5.7 I've added titles in the metadata to over 200 photos that are part of a book I am working on. I need to make a spelling change to approx. 20% of these titles. Is there a way to search and change globally, without...
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    Website Closure is cancelled! We're staying open!

    Yes, this forum is a major selling point (for me) in sticking, for now, with LR. Yes, this forum is _much_ easier to use. Yes, the sense of community and camaraderie is greater here than on other LR-specific forums. Yes, although I wouldn't use "intimate"; informed without bias is more what...