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    Importing pictures in an other computer and keeping work already done

    I do this by exporting a catalogue of pictures I have edited on one computer and then importing the catalogue into a second computer. You can do this using Dropbox, a memory stick, etc.
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    Not responding / lockup

    What are the specs on your laptop?
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    Big Drive Advice

    That is an added bonus but I've never done it in the time I've had mine. I have both. I prefer these for my desktop and the enclosures when I want a more portable drive.
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    Big Drive Advice

    Consider a docking station rather than a bay. A little more expensive, like $30, but is more flexible. Kingwin Power Dock USB 3.0 Dual Bay Docking Station (PD-2537U3): Computers & Accessories
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    Need help organizing photos and updating lightroom

    I'm at the office doing this off memory so I may be a little off but don't think so. First off, go into Finder and create the folders you want. Then go into the Library view in Lightroom. In the left hand side there is a bunch of tabs. One of them is Folders (or a similar name). Hit the...
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    Need help organizing photos and updating lightroom

    My practice is to create a main picture folder called Lightroom Pictures on the drive of my choosing. I then create one folder for each year under that folder and move the images within Lightroom from their existing location to the new location. As long as you move within Lightroom there...
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    Lightroom Backup Problems

    Where are you trying to back up to? I had some problems when I was backing up to NAS; probably due to time delays causing it to time out. I switched to a local drive and have had no problems.
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    Active-D Lighting, Nikon, Affect on Raw

    I hear you. Everyone has an opinion and I'm certainly not qualified to do the testing you have done. Just sharing what I have been told.
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    Active-D Lighting, Nikon, Affect on Raw

    Linwood, This discussion comes up occasionally on Nikonians and while no one has done the excellent analysis you have done, my recollection of the conclusions there has been that it does impact the RAW file baking in exposure adjustments that can't be manipulated out unless you are using the...
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    Positioning photos in Map module

    I'm not at my Lightroom computer but I think all you have to do is right click where you want to add the images and the first selection is to add the location to the pictures.
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    Lightroom Panels Disappearing

    Hopefully it was resolved in today's update.
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    Help with geotagging photos - Bad Elf GPS and iPhone, iMac

    Agree with using your phone's GPS to create track logs. I use GPS Tracks with my iPhone and merge the track log with the photos using Jeffrey Friedl's Lightroom plugin.
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    Can't Find System Folders in Lightroom With Mac

    Okay but I don't see a plugin folder so I just selected the one that had export in the name. I went back and reread this entire post and see Johan said to put it in the Modules folder. I moved it there and it came up. Thanks for all the help and sorry for the confusion I caused.
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    Can't Find System Folders in Lightroom With Mac

    I added the plugin LRinstagram.lrplugin to the \users\bobchadwick\library\application support\adobe\lightroom\export presets\user presets. I opened Lightroom and it is not there.