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    Import Renaming with date

    Tried your template this morning Johan. It worked a treat. Many thanks.
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    Import Renaming with date

    Thanks Johan, I'll give that a try
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    Import Renaming with date

    Thanks Johan - I've done something similar but the date that is inserted is the "current date" (ie date of import) rather than the "capture date"
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    Import Renaming with date

    Operating System: OS El Capitan v. 10.11.6 Exact Lightroom Version: Lightroom Classic version: 7.0.1 [ 1142117 ] I am often unable to import to LR for a few days after capture. I like to rename on import "Date + File no" with the "date" being the date of capture rather than the date of import...
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    Glow effect caused by adjusting highlights and shadows

    Any one help with this? I take a lot of evening landscape shots and find when lowering/ raising highlights/shadows in LR I create a glow effect around backlit objects. Roof lines are a particular problem. In this example I've done no editing except highlights and shadows. The glow is apparent on...
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    HSL Targeted Adjustment Glitch

    I'm having a similar issue using the tat in the tone curve although if I hover the tat, masquerading as the zoom button, without pressing a mouse button and then use the up/down arrows on my keyboard, the curve is adjusted and. I can also activate it by going back into HSL. Annoying!