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    Export JPEG Slideshow on LR6

    Exporting JPEG slideshows on LR5 correctly includes each photo's caption on each photo. With LR6, the last photo's caption is put on each photo. Is there a way to fix or compensate for this? The captions are correct on exporting LR6 PDF slideshows.
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    Slideshow module jpg caption error

    I am using LR slideshow exactly as I did in LR 5 where it always worked successfully. Now with LR 6, I type in standard text in the Metadata Caption space, no special characters, on most photos in a folder. Then I put the folder in Slideshow mode. When I Export PDF Slideshow, each photo is...
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    Slideshow module jpg caption error

    I upgraded but it didn't solve the problem. Its disgusting when they leave off features in an upgade!
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    Slideshow module jpg caption error

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):