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    looking for an tracklog application for android to use with lightroom

    Alternative: use your phone to capture 1/more reference pics. I believe it also then captures the GPS coordinates and then use that to manually add the coords to your 5D photos in LR. Not sure though if all phones capture GPS coords but give it a try.
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    Hi Canon40, welcome to LRF. Sounds like a potential disaster problem you may be introducing for yourself but you seem to understand and want to fix it :-) So given the above (alas very little info to go on) the ideal end situation would be to have 1 EHD with ALL photos and 1 LR catalog and use...
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    Would like photos to open in Lightroom.

    You need to select the Import function in LR (File, Import photos videos), find the folder that's holding your images and select ADD on the assumption that the images are already in the correct folder on your mac...
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    Cannot quit LR after selecting one of the new Web gallery templates

    Jim, yup restarted the machine, reset all preferences I could find, restarted again but no joy so far. Not that I really want those templates atm but quite liked the grid one. Shame LR6 doesn't seem as stable as the previous x.0 versions. Will keep an eye on it though.
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    Cannot quit LR after selecting one of the new Web gallery templates

    Was having a look see at the various new web templates in LR6 (perpetual). I had 20 pics in the Library Quick collection to play around with, 1 selected. Test 1 In web module selected “Use all filmstrip photos” together with either of the 3 GRID gallery templates. The template loads but no...
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    Using compare view for pairs

    You need to do multiple alternating clicks to get a new pair. Not ideal but it does work.
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    Using compare view for pairs

    In SURVEY mode Try alternating between right arrow and Alt-Right arrow. Whichever is the 'selected' pic will change when Alt Right arrow is clicked.
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    How do you handle the rating/selection of similar shots ?

    Bob, the way I read your rating it seems that you're possibly wasting 1star and 2 star ratings as you mention that they're most likely not to be processed further, so no need to 'star' them. tbh I barely make use of stars. Maybe use 1 = to develop 2 = developed. 3-5 good,better, best of show.
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    Getting rid of many duplicate jpegs, tiffs, etc.

    A Google search brought up a number of tools for Windows that may do the job. Whether these do the job or not I have no idea.
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    Adding Date as Keyword or Metadata

    Brian, This plug in allows you to only change the Date original and not mess with the Date digitised unless you choose otherwise. I too have digitised 1000s of slides and recently also added Camera and Lens model and ISO info using...
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    Lightroom 6 file renaming

    So? did you 'fix' your problem ...
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    How to handle scanned images from the past

    Yes, indeed you can :D Library module, metadata, edit capture time. I've done the same with all my scanned slides and negatives. For the really old stuff where I have no clue of the exact date I just pick 01-Jan-yyyy 00:00:00. Better than having date digitised 08 May 2015.
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    Lightroom 6 face recognition

    In Library go in to single view of a pic. Press the 'face' button. Drag a box around the face(s) in your pic and type in the name. Repeat for the other pics. From what I've read so far here is your can't rerun the face recognition tool.
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    Lightroom 6 file renaming

    Alex I tried it on just 1 photo and manually typed in the start number 34567 and yes it changes it to 34,567 (I suspect you got your comma wrong in your post) I pressed ok and it added 34567 as filename. I think it's just a display "issue" as it does NOT insert a comma in the filename. Suggest...
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    Stop syncing flag

    John, I threw 3 pics in the quick collection to try out and then went in to survey mode to reject all, one by one - and that worked. Then I reset the flag to none and changed the mini slider (bottom right corner) where you see Sync/Sync Settings buttons (right panel) to "UP" which changes the...