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    New MacBook Pro: save $300 with i5, but....

    Just my 2 cents, but what is the file size? I'm using a D80 (10mp) on an i3 with 8 megs of ram, lr 4.4 and 5 beta. Works fine for me, but I'm not a pro. Don't plan on getting a new camera body anytime soon. Art
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    Printing/Marketing Services Feedback

    Opps, missed the humor, sometimes I can be a little thick. Printing rgb to cmyk can be comverted on the fly, if your using 4 color process (cmyk). Most people would not know the difference and 99% of the ones that say they do, don't. Spot colors will show a difference, where the ink is the color...
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    Printing/Marketing Services Feedback

    Ken, Not sure I understand the question, but edit in elements is very much like photoshop, the biggest difference is elements is rgb only and ps does cmyk plus others. My suggestion is to use layers in elements when adding text or other images as you can turn the layers on/off to see the...
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    Printing/Marketing Services Feedback

    I've been in graphics arts since before photoshop 5, and please stay away from ms publisher if you want good results. If elements can output a pdf then use that, just be sure to imbed the fonts and make sure any black text is 100% black, not rgb black. The program of choice would be InDesign...
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    How many photos per file?

    I don't understand the ?, why does the # of photos in a file(folder?) matter? Art
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    Newbie with Question about Tethering in LR 4

    You could also assign the tethered folder as a "watched folder" in lr to bring the photos into your wf. Art
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    Merge catalogs to new master

    I do have a somewhat complete lrcat from v3.6, but the "mess" is self inflicted, I'd work on different collections on different computers (pc and mac), and didn't do a very good of keeping the cats in sync. I do use keywords and smart collections, it's just my overall approach was flawed from...
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    Merge catalogs to new master

    After working with lightroom since v2, I've got to get my photos organized and use lr the way it should be. Originally I was converting the nef's to dng on import and changing the name. That works, but only if you continue to use to same method, something I did not do. After 4 years of exploring...
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    Speeding up Lr with multiple Drives

    I did the ssd switch and put the os and programs on it, the boot times increased dramatically, but I was going from a 5400rpm drive. If you get an ssd 128gig min but 256 would be better. The 7200 and 10,000rpm drives are as fast or faster than an ssd. If you have more than one computer and usb...
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    Use Lightroom and Aperture

    My original intent was getting feedback from people that use both, I only used Aperture 2 demo, but don't remember having duplicate master files, the deal breaker for me was the hardware, not the software. The slideshow in lr maybe okay for a client show and tell, but for my purposes, it was and...
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    Use Lightroom and Aperture

    Thanks for the input, I may do it as an exercise to keep the brain from going stale. Will see after I get the Imac, I don't need a new computer. I have a wife and daughter, which is sometimes worst than two wives, especially when they do that mother-daughter thing, guess who's in the middle? Art
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    How to move photos to Folders in Lightroom 3

    Sue, You might save yourself some time by checking out the tutorials on adobe tv, the questions you raise are addressed there. Art
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    Use Lightroom and Aperture

    Ken and John, The short answer is the biggest difference was in the print module in aperture and I don't like the slideshow in lr. I've always liked the aperture "feel". Learning both programs isn't a stopper, keeping a good seperate wf would be a must It seems like I'm always going down many...
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    Use Lightroom and Aperture

    Am going to get an 21.5 Imac w/2tb drive and will add extra 8gig ram, would like an ssd, but apple's prices are way to high, might diy. The question is, I'm thinking about getting Aperture, I used the demos of aperture and lightroom, but wanted a laptop and the macbook was/is just to expensive...
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    Keyboard shortcut to delete pics from catalog AND file system

    Cletus, When you find a cure for stupid and sloppy, please post, I could use a dose. Art