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    Slideshow module grumpy about the slideshow module

    There haven't been any serious or significant updates to the Slideshow (and Print for that matter) module for such a long time, and yet it is such an easy target as there are quick fixes that could be made. So I got to wondering whether the gripes I have are the same as the experience of...
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    Which table parameter stores the image file size in .lrcat dbase?

    Hi - forgot to post the update. In the end I just used python to look through each image in my photos library and extract the file sizes for each file type within. It is actually very fast that way considering that there are >30,000 files to look through. So now I have a little graphic at the...
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    Which table parameter stores the image file size in .lrcat dbase?

    Thanks for feedback everybody - it's very much appreciated. I'll let you know what I work out!
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    Which table parameter stores the image file size in .lrcat dbase?

    Thank you for the feedback, Linwood. Hi John. Thanks for the tips. My only reason for wanting to do this via a script is for a personal project. I use GeekTools to put useful information on my desktop. I have a script which gives me the number of different file types in my catalogue (dng, jpg...
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    Which table parameter stores the image file size in .lrcat dbase?

    Thank you Linwood. I looked, and AgLibraryFile doesn't have the file size. Lots of other things but not the file size. Now, AgLibraryFileAssetMetadata does have 'fileSize' as a table entry, but I'm not sure it's what I'm looking for as there aren't enough entries in that table to match the...
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    Which table parameter stores the image file size in .lrcat dbase?

    I'm sorry if this is the wrong discussion forum to post this question to, but it's the most appropriate one I could see. I am trying to use some python and sql to extract different aspects of my LR catalogue. Does anybody know how I can extract the file size of the images in my database, and...
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    Anyone else using

    Don Hadn't heard of it. It sounds interesting. I will definitely give it a go.
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    How do you like to learn Lightroom?

    It would be nice to be able to select more than one option. That's how it works with most things isn't it? There isn't one way which is perfect. Reading, viewing, experiencing and learning from various sources is what works best for me. So I would like to have also chosen: books, 1:1, video...
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    More than one text field in Print Module

    I'd love to be able to use more than one text field in the Print Module. Right now you can only use the identity plate to any kind of text (or other image such as a 'photo frame') onto your printed image. I want to be able to have my identity plate, as my logo, on the printed image but also have...
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    Problem getting right Color to print using Lightroom 1.3 and Canon PIXMA Pro9000

    Hendrik, Which version of LR are you using? (Fill in you signature with all relevant information under the UserCP link - that gives the gurus around here a head start to solving your problems) For instance, if you're using LR2 and on a Mac, then you might want to try running LR2 in 32bit mode...
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    Lightroom 2 Plugin

    Denis, What you need to do is choose two page templates which bleed into the middle (where the binding will go). Then you put the same image into both pages and play with the zoom and placement until you have the effect you're looking for - a full bleed across two pages. I used this effect...
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    Least Noisy Adjustments?

    Denis has it right. Pushing darks into lights will always bring noise with those pixels. Think why those pixels are dark in the first place - not enough light has fallen on them and so those pixel values will naturally be noisy ("yoo kanna change de lawz of fizziks, capn!"). Pushing the fill or...
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    Best Use for 2nd Monitor with LR2?

    I use my primary monitor (beautiful 24" iMac screen) to do all my Develop work and keep the 2nd monitor (which isn't color calibrated) to display a grid of the folder/collection that I'm working on. This seems to be the most effective set up for me.
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    Lightroom 2 Plugin

    What a flurry of books! Here is one that I published just yesterday following our trip to Kauai this summer - what fun!!
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    Lightroom 2 Plugin

    I'd love to know of one. Right now, I'm doing the obvious - Export to a folder and then import into Booksmart.