Forum Etiquette - Cross Posting

Please don't cross-post questions on multiple forums at the same time (whether on multiple threads here, or on other forums). If you post on another forum and don't get the answer you need, please feel free to post it here after a reasonable length of time, or better still, post here first and then try elsewhere if we can't help.

If we recognize a thread from another forum, we'll post a link to the other thread so that those reading are aware of the other thread. Why? 2 reasons:

1. It can create a far bigger mess for you!
Conflicting troubleshooting steps from different forums create confusion and could even make things worse. If we're trying to help you untangle a mess, someone else from another forum changing things at the same time can really create chaos!

2. It wastes the time of those trying to help.
Imagine you ask a question on 2 different forums (i.e. here and the Adobe forums). Person A finds it on Forum A, stops what they're doing, spends a little time checking a few things in order to answer. But while they've been doing that, Persons B&C find it on Forum B, who also stop what they're doing and spend a little time checking a few things in order to answer. Eventually Person A comes back and whoever gets to them first gives them the answer. The issue? The other 2 people who were so willing to help have wasted their time. Or you get 2 conflicting answers!! And then if the same people are frequenting both forums, which is often the case is such a specific area of discussion such as Lightroom, then they're also wasting their time reading it in both locations, and the conversations in both locations become disjointed.