Free Lightroom Quick Start eBooks

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom – Quick Start Guides are 70-80 page PDF eBooks, and they’re yours to download FREE when you sign up for my newsletter. (Don’t worry, I won’t spam you and I won’t share your email address with anyone else)

It’s a series of simple tutorials designed to help you get started with Lightroom and learn the basics, while avoiding the most frequent problems.

I meet a lot of people on the forums who have ended up in a tangle because they’ve misunderstood the basics, and much as I’d like to meet you, I’d prefer it’s not because you’ve accidentally deleted all of your photos! 😉

Update October 2015 – the LRCC/6 eBook has been rewritten. It includes both the old and new Import dialogs. 

To download your eBook, fill in the form below. Please check your email address carefully or the email will bounce. If the email doesn’t arrive, please check your spam folder and if you use Gmail, the Promotions and Forums inboxes. Finally, click the link in the confirmation email to visit the download page, where you can choose the LR5 or LRCC/6 eBook.

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You may also want to click here to download the demo images used in the book. (Unzip them and import them into Lightroom to follow along with the Editing instructions)