Order Help

Questions about ordering? Here are the most frequently asked questions, and if there’s something I’ve missed, just email me at mail@lightroomqueen.com


Where’s the buy button?

The orange Add to Cart button should be directly under the eBooks/eBooks & Paperback Bundle pop-up. If it’s not there, the AdBlock browser extension is probably hiding it. To solve the problem, temporarily disable AdBlock, exclude www.lightroomqueen.com from AdBlock or use another browser.


How do I pay for my order?

Payment options available are either credit/debit card via PayPal or Stripe (on a Mijireh secure server).

You can pay using Visa, Mastercard, American Express or PayPal account.


Can I pay in my local currency?

Using the buttons on the right, you can choose to purchase in GBP (British Pounds Sterling) or USD (US Dollars).

For other currencies, the PayPal payment option calculates the conversion rates and tells you how much you’ll actually be charged in your local currency before finalizing the order. That way you don’t have a surprise on your credit card bill.


Is the website secure?

All payment details are handled by third-party secure servers (PayPal or Mijireh/Stripe). Both options have full SSL security, and no payment details are stored on my server. Your login username and password are emailed after purchase, so I’d recommend logging in and changing the password. They’re encrypted on the server. If you have any concerns, please drop me an email.


I’ve found a discount code – why won’t it work?

Discount codes will only work on orders placed directly through this website, and not for orders placed through other websites such as Amazon. Most discounts have an expiry date too!


I’ve just found a discount code but I’ve already bought the book – can I get a refund?

Sorry, no, discount codes must be entered at the time of purchasing in order to qualify.


How is the eBook delivered?

Delivery is digital – a download link will be displayed as soon as your payment is authorized, and also sent to your email address. If you have any problems, email me at mail@lightroomqueen.com


How much is shipping/delivery for paperbacks and how long do they take?

Shipping rates only apply to paperback books.  Downloads are free to all locations.

I aim to get the order to the printer within 1 working day. Books are printed on demand and then sent by your chosen shipping method. These are the approximate print and shipping times provided by the printers (note, these are business days, Mon-Fri), but please allow a little extra time for contingencies.

Shipping Method Cost Print Time + Shipping Times
UK – Economy £2.50 5 days 2-3 days
UK – Standard £4.95 2 days 1 day
Isle of Man – Economy £4.00 5 days 2-3days
Isle of Man – Standard £6.50 2 days 1 day days
EU – Economy £6.00 5 days 2 days
EU – Standard £8.50 2 days 2 days
US – Economy Ground* $4.00 5 days 1-6 days
US – Standard Ground* $8.00 2 days 1-6 days
US – Standard Air* $22.00 2 days 2 days
Canada – Economy £4.00 5 days 6-10 days
Canada – Standard £6.50 2 days 6-10 days
Australia/New Zealand – Economy £9.00 5 days 6-10 days
Australia/New Zealand – Standard £11.00 2 days 6-10 days
Other countries** – Economy £9.00 5 days 6-10 days
Other countries** – Standard £11.50 2 days 6-10 days

* PO Boxes, Hawaii and Alaska can only ship by Economy Ground and may take 7-10 business days for delivery after printing.

** If your country isn’t available in the shipping calculator, let me know and I’ll check with the printers whether it’s possible to ship to you. In most cases, rates as as per ‘Other countries’.

Book Depository offers free shipping to a long list of countries and Amazon offer free shipping from each of its local websites too.


I bought the eBooks and loved them so much I now want the paperback – do I have to pay full price?

That’s no problem, you can just pay the difference in cost.  Just email me at mail@lightroomqueen.com and we can arrange the upgrade.