Lightroom 5 Quick Start Guide

lightroom 5 quick start guide

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 – Quick Start Guide is a 76 page PDF eBook, and it’s yours to download FREE when you sign up for my newsletter. (Don’t worry, I won’t spam you and I won’t share your email address with anyone else)

It’s a series of simple tutorials designed to help you get started with Lightroom and learn the basics, while avoiding the most frequent problems.

I meet a lot of people on the forums who have ended up in a tangle because they’ve misunderstood the basics, and much as I’d like to meet you, I’d prefer it’s not because you’ve accidentally deleted all of your photos! ;-)


To download:

1. Sign up for the mailing list using the grey/red form to the right or below.

2. Check your emails. You’ll receive a opt-in email – click the Confirm button. (This just stops people signing you up without your knowledge).

3. Check your emails again. You’ll receive a confirmation email with the download link. Click the download link in the email. Depending on your web browser settings, it might open the Quick Start PDF eBook in your browser window instead of downloading it. If so, go to File menu > Save As to save it to your computer, or float your mouse over the ebook to show the Save button.

4. To follow along with the Editing Your Best Photos instructions on your own computer, click here to download the sample images, double-click to unzip the zip file and then import the DNG files into your Lightroom catalog.

Please note, the Lightroom trial installation process has recently changed to a Creative Cloud trial instead of a perpetual license trial. The program’s exactly the same, but the installation instructions may be incorrect in places.  I’ll be updating it soon.


If it says you’re already subscribed:

If it says “Your email address is already subscribed, thank you!”, send me an email at and I’ll sort it out for you. (A simpler option is on my to do list!)

Alternatively, if you’re in a hurry, there’s a slightly more roundabout route!

1. Click here, enter your name and email address in that black & white form, then press “Subscribe”.

2. Click the  “Click here to update your profile” link on the following page, which will send you an automatic email.

3. Check your emails. Click the “Update your preferences or download the free eBook” link in that email to display the profile update webpage, on which you’ll find the download link.  Phew!


If you’re a Premium Member:

If you’re a premium member (you’ve paid for one of my other books), log in to your account. You’ll find the download link in the My Content sidebar.