Book Formats

Which eBook formats are available?

It’s available in 3 different eBook formats – Adobe PDF, ePub and Mobi format (Kindle). When you buy either the eBooks or the paperback, you get access to all 3 eBook formats, so you can read it in whichever format suits you best.


How do I read an eBook?

Computer – PDF format is most suitable for reading on a desktop or laptop computer. Adobe Reader is already installed on most computers or can be freely downloaded. Other free PDF software such as FoxIt Reader for Windows or Skim for Mac is also available and adds additional features such as annotations.

iPad – PDF format is most suitable, either in the iBooks app or other PDF capable apps such as GoodReader. It’s easiest to transfer the file to your iPad using iTunes, but other options are available using apps such as GoodReader.

iPhone/iPod Touch- the ePub format is best for the small screen size as it reflows the text. iBooks is excellent for ePub files, and the file can be transferred from your computer using iTunes.

Amazon Kindle – you can transfer the Mobi file format directly to your Kindle by connecting it to your computer. You’ll find instructions in your Kindle user guide or Amazon’s help section – it’s as simple as dragging and dropping the .mobi file. You can also purchase the Kindle version direct from the Kindle store and then email your order confirmation to receive the other eBook formats.

Other eReaders or mobile phones – the ePub format is suitable for many eReader devices, such as Sony Reader, Nook and Kobo, and there are apps for mobile phone operating systems such as Android too.


Can I have a paperback instead?

Yes – in fact, you can have both!

The Adobe Lightroom – The Missing FAQ books were originally intended to be searchable PDFs, however once they were released to the public, a demand arose for a paperback version too.

While many books have a PDF supplement, this book is the other way round – the color PDF eBook is designed to be the primary book, and the black & white paperback and other digital formats are the supplement.

Anyone purchasing the paperback can also download the main PDF and other eBook versions worth £14.95 (approx. $24.50 US*) absolutely FREE. You can either order direct and download the eBooks right now, or you can order the paperback from another source and then claim your eBook versions once the paperback arrives.

* Currency conversion last updated 26 May 2011. Feel free to use the converter in the sidebar to check current rates. Final conversion from British Pound Sterling will be calculated by PayPal or your card company at the time of ordering.


Why is the paperback in B&W instead of color?

I’d love to release the paperback in color, and even better, I’d love to do it spiral bound.  Unfortunately, color printing for small publishers is very expensive – the printing cost alone would be higher than the current retail price – so it’s not currently a viable option.

An alternative would be to accept an offer from a large publisher, however that would leave me with very little control over the process.  Self-publishing the book has a number of benefits for you:

  • Large publishers have long lead times, resulting in the book not being available for months after the Lightroom release date.  By self-publishing, I can release the book at almost the same time as the new version of Lightroom becomes available.
  • I can release a rough cut of the book while the new Lightroom version is still in beta, so you get early access.
  • I can release updates to the eBooks if new features are added – the Lightroom 3 book had 2 beta rough cuts before release, and 3 updates after release.
  • I can offer free eBook copies along with the paperback, so you can read the book in whatever format suits you best, which a large publisher would not have allowed.
  • I have direct contact with my readers and can integrate your suggestions and comments.  The whole book is designed around real users, and I love hearing from you!

As the book is primarily text and screenshots rather than photographs, it works well in B&W, so it’s not a big problem, but that’s the reasoning behind the decision.


I bought the eBooks and loved them so much I now want the paperback – do I have to pay full price?

That’s no problem. There’s an ‘Upgrade from eBooks to Paperback’ option on the Purchase Options page, so you just pay the difference in cost.  Upgrade orders are checked against existing eBook orders, so if you ordered using a different email address or you purchased from Apple or Amazon, just send me an email.