Adobe Lightroom 5 – The Missing FAQ

Real Answers to Real Questions asked by Lightroom Users

10 reasons you’ll want to read this book:

  • It’s written in a conversational style that’s easy to read.
  • It gives you instant answers to frequently asked questions, without wasting hours googling.
  • It saves you time and money by sharing tips and tricks that will make you more efficient.
  • It helps you understand what’s happening behind the scenes.
  • It shows you how to avoid problems – and their resulting stress – before they happen.
  • It teaches you how to solve problems when they do crop up.
  • It guarantees you access to additional author support, in case you get stuck.
  • It helps you develop a workflow that suits you, rather than squeezing yourself into someone else’s workflow.
  • It gives you the confidence to try new things.
  • Understanding what you’re doing makes Lightroom FUN!


About the Book

As the name suggests, Adobe Lightroom 5 – The Missing FAQ is primarily designed as an FAQ-style reference book, rather than step-by-step tutorials. It’s a book of questions and answers – questions asked by real Lightroom users on a variety of online forums.

It starts off with a series of Quick Start tutorials designed to help newer users quickly understand the basics and get started, while avoiding the most frequent pitfalls. That Quick Start chapter’s also available as a free download. The book then switches to a conversational question & answer format, going into greater detail for intermediate and advanced users.


Who’s the book written for?

Whether you’re a new user who likes to dive straight into new software and figure it out as you go along, a more experienced user wanting to learn how to get the best out of Lightroom, or you’ve just got a burning question you’d like answered, this book is for you.

There are questions ranging from simple ones like how to import photos, to much more in-depth details about how the previews are used and how to create your own camera profiles. Check the Table of Contents to see the full list of questions covered in this release.

These are real-world answers to real questions asked by real Lightroom users. It not only covers how to do things, but also why they work the way they do.

Lightroom may have a mind of its own… but now you can learn how it thinks.


Is it worth reading?

Of course I’ll say yes, but my lovely readers agree. The Lightroom 5 book has almost all 5 star reviews on both and – feel free to read their comments. Some of my favorites are copied below.


A choice of formats

The Adobe Lightroom – The Missing FAQ books were originally intended to be searchable PDFs, however once they were released to the public, a demand arose for a paperback version too.

While many books have a PDF supplement, this book is the other way round – the color PDF eBook is designed to be the primary book, and the black & white paperback and other digital formats are the supplement.

You can learn more about the different formats on the Book Formats page.


What’s New in the Lightroom 5 book?

If you own my Lightroom 4 book, you’re probably wonder whether it’s worth upgrading. There’s a list of changes on the Table of Contents page, showing which questions are new, which have been updated for changes of behavior in Lightroom 5, and which ones have been updated with additional information about existing features.

Also new to this release is a brand new Quick Start chapter, which is designed to take new users step-by-step through their first few hours working with Lightroom. If you’re not a beginner, don’t worry, all of the geeky information’s still in the main book too.