LR3 Book Excerpts

Feel free to download these excerpts from Adobe Lightroom 3 – The Missing FAQ. You can either select specific excerpts or download the whole set as a single PDF.

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Chapter 1 – Introduction

Whole of Introduction

Chapter 2 – Quick Start Essentials

Whole of Quick Start Essentials

Chapter 3 – Import

Why are some photos unavailable or dimmed in the Import dialog?
What’s the difference between Import#, Image#, Sequence# and Total#?
Should I convert to DNG?

Chapter 4 – Workspace

What’s the difference between the selection shades of grey?
I’ve got multiple photos selected—why is my action only applying to a single photo?

Chapter 5 – Library Module

I have a long list of folders – can I change it to show the folder hierarchy?
How does the Synchronize Folder command work?
The time on my camera was incorrect – how do I change it?
Lightroom thinks my photos are missing—how do I fix it?

Chapter 6 – Working with Catalogs

Should I use one big catalog, or multiple smaller catalogs?
How do I move only my photos to another hard drive, leaving the catalog where it is?
How do I back up Lightroom?
How do I move my catalog, photos and other Lightroom files to a new computer?

Chapter 7 – Previews & Speed

Everything in Lightroom is a funny color, but the original photos look perfect in other programs, and the exported photos don’t look like they do in Lightroom either. What could be wrong?
How do I change my monitor profile to check whether it’s corrupted?
The previews are slightly different between Library and Develop and Fit and 1:1 views—why is that?
How can I speed up browsing in Library module?
How can I speed up browsing in Develop module? And what are these Cache*.dat files?

Chapter 8 – Develop Module

Why do my raw photos change color? When the first preview appears, it looks just like it did on the camera—how do I stop it changing?
Process Versions
How do I apply Auto settings to individual sliders?
How do I copy or synchronize my settings with other photos?
How do I change the default settings?
How do I use the different Noise Reduction sliders?
In the Lens Corrections Setup pop-up menu, what’s the difference between Default, Auto & Custom?
What’s the difference between Flow & Density?
Can I select a color tint from the photo itself?

Chapter 9 – Editing in Other Programs

What happens if I’m still using an older version of ACR and Photoshop?
What’s the difference between ‘Render Using Lightroom’ and ‘Open Anyway’ in the ACR mismatch dialog?

Chapter 10 – Export

Why do my photos look different in Photoshop?
What PPI setting should I enter in the Export dialog?
Can I run a Photoshop action from Lightroom?

Chapter 11 – Publish Services
Chapter 12 – Slideshow Module
Chapter 13 – Print Module
Chapter 14 – Web Module
Chapter 15 – General Troubleshooting

I have a problem with Lightroom – are there any troubleshooting steps I can try?
How do I delete the Preferences file? What is deleted when I delete my Preferences file?
Default File Locations
How do I switch language?
I accidentally deleted my photos from my hard drive and I don’t have backups! Can I create JPEGs from Lightroom’s previews?

Chapter 16 – Keyboard Shortcuts

Whole of Keyboard Shortcuts