LR2 Book Excerpts

Feel free to download these excerpts from Adobe Lightroom 2 – The Missing FAQ. You can either select specific excerpts or download the whole set as a single PDF.

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Chapter 1 – Introduction



Chapter 2 – The Database Concept

How do I upgrade my catalog from version 1 to version 2?


Chapter 3 – Import

If I can use all of Lightroom’s controls on JPEG files, why would I still want to shoot in my camera’s raw file format?

How do I bring up the Import Photos dialog where I set the Import options? I just get an Open dialog?

What’s the difference between ‘Add photos to catalog without moving’, ‘Copy’, ‘Move’, and ‘Copy as DNG’?


Chapter 4 – Library Module

I have a long list of folders – can I change it to show the folder hierarchy?

Lightroom thinks my photos are missing – how do I fix it?

What’s the difference between Import#, Photo# and Sequence#?

The time on my camera was incorrect – how do I change it?

Why can’t I drag and drop into a custom sort order or ‘User Order’?


Chapter 5 – Develop Module

How do I copy or synchronize my settings with other photos?

What’s the difference between Flow & Density? (Local Adjustments)


Chapter 6 – Raw File Rendering & DNG Profile Editor

Why do my photos change color? When the first preview appears, it looks just like it did on the camera, and then that disappears and it applies other settings. How do I turn that off?


Chapter 7 – XMP & ACR Compatibility

How do I write settings to XMP?


Chapter 8 – Export & Editing in Other Programs

Why do my photos look different in Photoshop?

What’s the difference between Width & Height, Dimensions, Longest Edge & Shortest Edge?

How do I get Lightroom to attach the exported files to an email?

Can I run a Photoshop Action from Lightroom?


Chapter 9 – Slideshow Module


Chapter 10 – Print Module


Chapter 11 – Web Module


Chapter 12 – General Troubleshooting

I have a problem with Lightroom – are there any troubleshooting steps I can try?

What is the difference between Minimal previews, Standard previews and 1:1 previews?

Everything in Lightroom is a funny color, but the original photos look perfect in other programs, and the exported photos don’t look like they do in Lightroom either. What could be wrong?


Chapter 13 – Useful Information