LR1 Book Excerpts

Feel free to download these excerpts from Adobe Lightroom 1 – The Missing FAQ. You can either select specific excerpts or download the whole set as a single PDF.

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Chapter 1 – Introduction



Chapter 2 – The Database Concept

How does Export from Catalog work?


Chapter 3 – Import

What’s the difference between ‘Add photos to catalog without moving’, ‘Copy’, ‘Move’, and ‘Copy as DNG’?


Chapter 4 – Library Module

I have a long list of folders – can I change it to show the folder hierarchy?

Lightroom thinks my photos are missing – how do I fix it?

What’s the difference between Import#, Photo# and Sequence#?

The time on my camera was incorrect – how do I change it?

Why can’t I drag and drop into a custom sort order or ‘User Order’?


Chapter 5 – Develop Module

How do I copy or synchronize my settings with other photos?


Chapter 7 – XMP & ACR Compatibility

How do I write settings to XMP?


Chapter 8 – Export & Editing in Other Programs

Why do my photos look different in Photoshop?

What’s the difference between Width & Height, Dimensions, Longest Edge & Shortest Edge?

How do I get Lightroom to attach the exported files to an email?

Can I run a Photoshop Action from Lightroom?


Chapter 12 – General Troubleshooting

I have a problem with Lightroom – are there any troubleshooting steps I can try?

What is the difference between Minimal previews, Standard previews and 1:1 previews?

Everything in Lightroom is a funny color, but the original photos look perfect in other programs, and the exported photos don’t look like they do in Lightroom either. What could be wrong?


Chapter 13 – Useful Information

I’ve heard there’s an Pirate-themed Easter Egg – how do I find it?