About Victoria Bampton

avatar-300sqHi, welcome to my website! My name’s Victoria Bampton, but I’m better known as the Lightroom Queen. It’s a nickname I was given on the forums years ago, and it stuck!

You want to know a little more about me?

My father was a professional photographer long before I was born, so I grew up in a photographic family business. I’ve always been a bit of a geek, so I managed the transition from film to digital photography at the studio in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Once that was running smoothly, I set up a successful raw processing business catering primarily for professional wedding photographers.

When Lightroom was released as a beta in 2006, I knew it had great potential and couldn’t wait to get involved. I even bought my first Mac to run the original Lightroom beta builds, as they weren’t available for Windows (and then I got hooked on Apple gear… Adobe has a lot to answer for! 😉 )

I never planned to write a book. I was involved in helping others on the forums and people kept suggesting I compile all the frequently asked questions into a book. Eventually, I gave in and did so, and it’s grown from there. My Adobe Lightroom – The Missing FAQ series of books has become far more popular than I ever imagined, which means I’m able to spend my time helping people.

These days, I pop up all over the place, and I’m always happy to lend a helping hand wherever possible. I run Lightroom Forums, I’m a Moderator at Adobe’s User to User forums and Adobe’s Feature Request/Bug Report forums and an Admin on the Facebook Lightroom Help Group. I’m also an Adobe Community Professional, and I work closely with the brilliant Lightroom engineering team at Adobe, so I’m never ever bored!

Outside of work, I still enjoy photography as a hobby, although I don’t get as much time behind the camera as I’d like. I have two fluffy white dogs, William and Charlie, who regularly feature in my books and blog posts in return for extra biscuits and long walks.

So what does all of this mean to you?

It means I know Lightroom inside out, I’m used to dealing with real problems in real world environments, and I’m here to help YOU. Yes, I mean you personally. So how can I help?


Adobe Community Professional Adobe Certified Expert

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