About Victoria Bampton

I’m an Adobe Community Professional and Adobe Certified Expert for Lightroom.

I grew up in a photographic family business, where I managed the gradual transition from film to digital photography in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, before moving on to set up a successful raw processing business catering primarily for professional wedding photographers.

I’ve been involved with Lightroom since the early betas – even going so far as to buy my first Mac in order to run the original Mac-only beta builds.

These days, I pop up all over the place. You’ll spot me on numerous Lightroom forums, where I’m always happy to lend a helping hand. The nickname ‘The Lightroom Queen’ came from one of those many forums, and it stuck! I run Lightroom Forums, I’m a Moderator at Adobe’s Feature Request/Bug Report forum, and I’m a regular contributor on many other photographic forums.

I’m also the author of the popular Adobe Lightroom – The Missing FAQ series of books, and occasionally I write for magazines such as the NAPP’s Photoshop User magazine.

Ok, that’s the boring bit over. What does it mean to you?

It means I know Lightroom inside out, it means I’m used to dealing with real problems in real world environments, and I’m here to help YOU. Yes, I mean you personally. So how can I help?


Adobe Community Professional Adobe Certified Expert

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